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Her Statement of Purpose was this:

Read these examples:

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Make sure your Statement of Purpose is specific enough.

Remember that no matter what format you follow in writing your critical analysis, it should have a thesis statement that establishes your approach to or opinion about the piece. Your thesis statement will not be the same as the original author's thesis statement. For example, say that the original author's thesis statement is “the moon is made of green cheese.” Your own thesis might be “the author's assertion that the moon is made of green cheese is ill-founded and is not supported with adequate evidence.”

Adding another F  persevering at the exam.

Relative clauses can also interrupt a main clause. When this happens, use no punctuation for an essential clause. But if the clause is nonessential, separate it with a comma in front and a comma behind. Take a look at these examples:

Before writing an essay you must have a thesis statement.

say what you have done **   A. Introduction and thesis statement ()  1.

The aims of a course are broad statements of its purpose or intent. The aims encompass the purpose and philosophy of the course, specifying its overall direction and content. They let students know what you will be teaching them over a study period and what they may learn by taking the course. Course aims are typically identified in relation to the broad program aims as well as their relationship to the aims of other courses within the program. To write this component of the document you will need to understand the role played by your course in the overall development of graduate qualities across the program. It should be no more than two brief sentences.

The University's documentation for this alignment is The Course Statement, Template 7 of the . This manual has some useful strategies for thinking about and writing aims and objectives. For an objective to be claimed it must be explicitly assessed and linked to one or more of the seven University graduate qualities. The alignment of objective, assessment and graduate quality is an intellectual exercise and is often done collaboratively between the Program Director, Course Coordinator and your Division's Academic Developer.

This is one sentence announcing the central idea of the paper.

The course statement (template 7) requires a course to have no more than seven objectives. The respective point value of the course is not considered.

The conceptualising and writing of aims and objectives are critical to effective curriculum design and student learning. Well written aims and objectives serve three related purposes. Firstly, at the student level they indicate the content (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that will be covered and the level of cognitive engagement that students will need to demonstrate in order to be successful. At the program level they allow the program team to ensure that program level objectives are systematically and incrementally developed. Lastly, at the course level, well written aims and objectives are the first step to designing a course so that the aims and objectives are appropriately aligned with assessment and the learning environment.

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  • B. The body of the paper () 1.

    Whichever the case, she will use the evidence she has gathered in her research to prove her Thesis Statement.

  • These "connecting sentences" keep the paper flowing smoothly.

    "I want to know how teenage pregnancy affects young fathers and young mothers differently."

  • Writing the Statement of Purpose

    This statement should sum up the basic meaning of the essay and signal to the reader what to expect.

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The outline below is just an example.

If you believe there is information about you an employer needs to make an informed decision (and you cannot include it in a cover letter), you may create a section on your résumé to showcase that information. Although the résumé is a highly formatted document, it should reflect what you think will convince your potential employer to grant you an interview.

You need to decide what order of ideas is the best for your essay.

Who is your audience? What can you assume that your reader already knows, and how many definitions are needed? For exapmle, are you writing for your supervisor or for a general reader? The general advice is to aim somewhere in between, and to write as you would do for a fellow student.

You want the strongest and most logical essay that you can write.

The contact information section is where you detail how potential employers can get in touch with you. Make sure all information is accurate and current. You should, at minimum, include your name, address, and phone number. Many people also include cell phone numbers, email addresses, and Web pages. It is in your best interest to make sure your potential employers can contact you.

The details are distributed by the class instructors.

Many students and researchers use the passive voice of verbs in their texts. Sometimes this is necessary, but too much passive voice makes for a heavy-going text. Moreover, passive constructions often give rise to other problems. For example, you are likely to end up with long sequences of words strung together by prepositions. For example, “… investigation of questions concerning a reduction in the occurrence of …”

Be constructive and analyze the possible reasons for your rejection.

One technique for integrating a summary and an evaluation is simply to merge the two separate sections (like the examples above) into a single introductory paragraph. Another technique is to synthesize the summary and evaluative comments, as in the following sample introduction:

Could your statement of purpose have been stronger?

Academic language should be clear, unambiguous and objective. “Objective” does not mean that you avoid taking a position; rather, it means to expose its foundations (reasons, evidence). Inexperienced writers are often tempted to embellish their language, using complicated expressions and technical terminology. As a rule of thumb, however, you should choose ordinary language as long as it is adequate. Scholars who have achieved classical status often write in a plain and direct style. This is precisely why – regardless of changing literary conventions – they have been widely read over the years.

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