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Hugo Munsterberg had a large impact on forensic psychology

Read more Influences on Forensic Psychology; Hugo Munsterberg published a book in 1908, ..

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History of “Psychology and Law” Hugo Munsterberg On the …

A 10 page overview of the life and work of Hugo Munsterberg, the German born psychologists who gained prominence during his tenure at Harvard for his approaches to applied psychology. Munsterberg would essentially dominate the field of industrial and organizational psychology during the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

The writing of Hugo Munsterberg was groundbreaking but additionally very perceptive
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The first instance was in Germany, when a defense attorney asked a psychologist Hugo Munsterberg to review a case in which his client confessed to murder, but then changed his mind and claimed that he was not guilty (Tartakovsky, 2011).

Department of Psychology - University of Calcutta

Assignment Help >> Other Subject Hugo Munsterberg had a large impact on forensic psychology.
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Since the inception of the idea of psychology and law there have been proponents, as well as though that have spoken against the theories proposed by Munsterberg’s, along with other scientists, theorists, and psychologists that believed that Forensic Psychology had no standing to be linked to topics of law....

History of the department : In academic arena in 19th century world context, Psychology was considered to be a new inclusion of Science. Wilhelm Wundt in the University of Leipzig, first realized the importance of studying mental states under certain special experimental conditions as a separate science. The closing years of the 19th century witnessed the appearance of a new branch of science which came to be known as “Experimental Psychology”. Impressed by its promise and progress, Sir Asutosh Mukherjee, who was then the planning head to introduce at the Calcutta University Post-Graduate course of studies in various disciplines of Arts and Science, decided to include “Experimental Psychology” in his list. At his request eminent philosopher Dr. Brojendra Nath Seal, King George V Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy of the same University, drew up the syllabus in 1905 after consulting the courses of studies of different Universities in Europe and America, and established a laboratory for demonstration purpose. Eleven years later this laboratory was upgraded as the first Psychology Department, the Department of Experimental Psychology.

Narendra Nath Sengupta, who chaired this department, had his education at Harvard University with Hugo Munsterberg, a student of William Wundt. Laboratory research at Calcutta in the areas of depth perception, psychophysics, and attention inspired early work at other centres. Recognizing the scientific nature of research, psychology was included as a separate section in the Indian Science Congress in 1923.

Thus, psychology in India at an early stage acquired the status of a science along with physical and biological sciences. The Indian Psychological Association was founded in 1924 and the Indian Journal of Psychology, the first psychology journal in India, appeared the very next year.

Before these experimental traditions could consolidate, Sengupta left Calcutta. He was succeeded by Girindra Shekhar Bose.

He established the Lumbini Park Mental Hospital in Calcutta in 1940, and in 1947 brought out a journal 'Samiksha'.

The Department started an Applied Psychology Wing in 1938, when Jung, Meyers, and Spearman were invited to the Silver Jubilee Session of the Indian Science Congress.
Starting from Calcutta University Department, Psychology in India has been expanding rapidly in 21st century. There seems to be the growth of Psychology in having a number of eminent research and clinical institutes in its developmental fold. The areas of research interests are covering the topics of Neuropsychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Indigenous Psychology, Developmental disability, Media Psychology, Social Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology, studies on aggression and terrorism, in addition to continuous interest in clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

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He explained it in what he called “systematic soldering” (Dessler, 2013). His theory provoked Humanists such as Hugo Munsterberg and Mary Parker Follet in …
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German-born Hugo Munsterberg had a PhD in psychology and a medical degree and joined the faculty at Harvard ..
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