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Patent US6863690 - Humeral shoulder prosthesis - …

In this paper the authors present a case of periprosthetic refracture of the humerus.

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Patent EP1059071A1 - Humeral prosthesis - Google …

(Metal backed glenold componentsoffer optional screw fixation,)Polyethylene glenold components not attached to a metal back are indicated for cementedapplication only,The Versa-DiaITM Humeral Head Prosthesis IsIntended for use only with the Comprehensive®Shoulder Stems (Fracture, Primary and Revision), the Blo-Modular® Shoulder Stems, and theglenold components of the BIo-ModularS Shoulder System.

The prosthesis comprises tail (26) anchored in medullary cavity of patient's humerus

According to Wright and Cofield periprosthetic humeral fractures are classified as type A (around prosthesis tip with proximal extension), type B (around prosthesis tip with no or minimal proximal extension and variable distal extension), and type C (distal to the tip).

of the humeral prosthesis, and anterior deltoid dysfunction

a high riding humeral head and prosthesis, ..

Mek ' oDirectorDivision ofGeneral, Restorativeand Neurological DevicesOffice ofDevice EvaluationCenter for Devices andRadiological HealthEnclosure Indications for Use510(k) Number (Ifknown):Device Name: Versa-Dial'T Numeral Head ProsthesisIndications For Use:The VersaoDiaI"m Humeral Head Prosthesis Isintended for:1) Non-Inflammatory degenerative Joint disease, Induding osteoarthritis and avascularnecrosis.

In June 2010, twenty days after the first surgery, the patient fell down causing a periprosthetic fracture (type 2 Campbell) of the humerus (, ) treated with osteosynthesis with K-wires () and immobilization for 30 days followed by a rehabilitation phase. The classification of the periprostethic fracture in this case refers to that Campbell because it is a resurfacing prosthesis without stem.

Distal Humeral Prosthesis - View Specifications & …

Total shoulder arthroplasty or humeral head prosthesis is an excellent treatment for those patients

It is a 66 years old female patient with hypertension, hyperglycemia, concentric shoulder arthritis and overweight; in June 2010 underwent to prosthetic surgery of the right shoulder with resurfacing prosthesis for concentric osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral joint (Durom TM cup).

In the literature there are few works on this subject: those we learn that the most significant predisposing factors for these types of fractures are female sex, osteopenia and osteoporosis, advanced age, rheumatoid arthritis and comorbidities (). Furthermore, it appears that often in periprosthetic fractures, especially of the humeral shaft, complications are intraoperative (). The incidence of these complications is increasing (). Periprosthetic fractures represent 25% of all complications of total shoulder arthroplasty, despite an overall decrease (12%) of complications compared to revision multicentric (31%) of the first 5 years ().

A modular humeral prosthesis for replacement of the humeral head of a humerus (20)
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    Equinoxe Shoulder Humeral Reconstruction Prosthesis; Equinoxe Shoulder Fracture System; Equinoxe Preserve Stem; ..

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    A humeral prosthesis includes a stem component and a head component joined by an inclination component or block

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In recent decades there has been an increase in upper limb prosthetic surgery, primarily for the shoulder, for osteoarthritis disease and for traumatic pathology. It is occurring in parallel an increase in periprosthetic fractures of the humerus, although with less impact than other anatomical districts such as the hip.

The development of a modular humeral prosthesis …

Box 587Warsaw, Indiana 46581-0587Re: K060716Trade/Device Name: Versa-DialTMHumeral Head ProsthesisRegulation Number: 21 CFR 888.3670Regulation Name: Shoulder joint metal/polymer/metal nonconstrained or semi-constrainedporous-coated uncemented prosthesisRegulatory Class: Class IIProduct Code: MBF, KWT, KWS, HSDDated: March 16, 2006Received: March 17, 2006Dear Ms.

Shoulder prosthesis with humeral fracture stem by …

Suntnary of Technologies: The technological characteristics (material, design, sizing,indications) of the Versa-DiailN Humeral Head Prosthesis are similar or identical to the predicatedevices.

Resurfacing humeral prosthesis: do we really …

The Versa-Dial' Tm Humeral Head Prosthesis isintended for use only with the Comprehensive®&Shoulder Stems (Fracture, Primary and Revision), the Blo-ModularlD Shoulder Stems, and thegienoid components of the Bio-Modulart Shoulder System.

Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis (RSP) | DJO Global

Intended Use: The Versa-Dial'T Humeral Head Prosthesis IsIntended for:1) Non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease, including osteoarthritis and avascularnecrosis.

Management of Glenohumeral Arthritis | UW …

(K(002998)Device Description: The Versa-DialTm Humeral Head Prosthesis consists of a series of various-sized modular humieral headis with variable offset between 0.5mrn and 4.5 mm.

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