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Some of the common signs and symptoms of knee hyperextension are:

The spinolaminar line is not interrupted at the level of anterolisthesis in hyperextension injury

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If you had a mild to moderate sprain following hyperextension of the knee, you will recover within 2 to 4 weeks. However, for fast recovery, it is important that you rest well and limit activities that may aggravate the condition.

Just like for any other soft tissue injury, hyperextension of the knee is also advised ..

It represents axial load injuries in which the motion segment is extended and a compressive force is applied to the posterior motion segment, the neural arch (Fig. ). The spectrum of injury in this group includes unilateral or bilateral fractures of the neural arch, including fractures of the lateral mass, laminae or articular pillars. Fractures can frequently be comminuted and occur at multiple contiguous levels (Fig. ). Traumatic anterior spondylolisthesis occurs if there is bilateral pedicular or lateral mass fracture. This injury is commonly misdiagnosed as hyperflexion injury and spinolaminar line is very useful in differentiating between them (Fig. ). The spinolaminar line is not interrupted at the level of anterolisthesis in hyperextension injury [].

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Hyperextension of the knees is also called as genu recurvatum. This is a Latin term and in this term, “genu” means the knee and “recurvatum” means to bend back. The commonest cause of genu recurvatum is a sports injury caused by a strong blow to the knee or due to the force following quick deceleration or stop. Hyperextension of the knees can occur to anyone but is more common among athletes and sportsmen because they are more likely to suffer such injuries. In addition, road traffic accidents (RTA) and other accidents can give rise to a similar presentation.

Females have an increased risk of increased joint instability and hence are at a higher risk of knee injury than men, particularly in those women who participate in sports like football, soccer, skiing, or lacrosse.
In hyperextension of the knee, the knee joint bends in the opposite direction resulting in pain, swelling and tissue damage, Due to hyperextension of the knee, structures like the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) or popliteal ligaments may get damaged. It not only damages the ligaments, but also the cartilages that surround the knee joint.

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09/09/2015 · The spinolaminar line is not interrupted at the level of anterolisthesis in hyperextension injury . Fig. 17. Hyperextension compression injury.

The mechanism that causes knee hyperextension can predict the severity of the condition. A minor trauma will only cause mild pain and swelling whereas a traumatic experience may cause damage to the ligaments, cartilage and soft tissues around the knee joint.

Signs and symptoms of hyperextended knees depend on several factors which include the athlete’s body, the method of hyperextension and the strength of the knee joint.

Traumatic L4–L5 spondylolisthesis: case report | …
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    Central spinal cord injury in a patient with a hyperextension injury and preexisting spondylosis and stenosis.

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    22/09/2007 · We report a case of L4–L5 traumatic anterolisthesis

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MDCT of acute subaxial cervical spine trauma: a …

Facet dislocations occur frequently in the cervical region, less frequently in the upper thoracic region and rare in the lumbar region. Their more common occurrence in the cervical and thoracic spine is caused by the relatively coronal orientation of the facet joints in these regions. An exaggerated flexion is the mechanism of the injury in bilateral facet dislocation and a flexion moment combined with a rotational component most commonly results in unilateral facet dislocation. In facet dislocation, fracture, perching, or locking may occur. Also hyperextension type injury if combined with an axial load may result in facet fracture, laminar fracture may accompany to that kind of injury. In the lumbar region, the facet joints are able to slide past each other during extension, thus minimizing the chance for facet fracture by this mechanism []. In the lumbar region, the facet joints are oriented in a sagittal plane. Their ability to resist flexion or translation is minimal, whereas their ability to resist rotation is substantial. The facet joints do not support axial loads unless the spine is in an extension posture. Also at the lumbosacral junction, the angle of the sacrum in relation to the L5 vertebral body may substantially affect pathological processes. The greater the lumbosacral joint angle, the greater the applied translation forces are. The nearly coronal facet orientation at L5–S1 is a factor in the relatively decreased incidence of subluxation in the presence of intact facet joints; that is, in degenerative spondylolisthesis, subluxation is more common at L4–L5 than at L5–S1 despite the relative vertical orientation of the L5–S1 disc interspace [].

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Hyperextension injury results when there is extreme extension of the spinal column, such as in a fall or vehicular collisions when the chin, forehead or face strikes an immovable object—like the dashboard, steering wheel or ground. Hyperextension injuries are observed in younger patients after high-energy trauma or in older patients with spondylotic or ankylosed spine after seemingly trivial injuries.

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With extreme hyperextension of the knee, rupture of ligaments, especially the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) may occur. Injuries to the popliteal or the posterior cruciate ligament can also occur following hyperextension of the knee. Such injuries usually need surgical repair.

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