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Quantitative Biuret Analysis Lab Report - …

Fehling HC. 1848. Quantitative bestimmung des zuckers im harn [Quantitative determination of sugar in the urine]. 7: 64-73

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Quantitative Biuret Analysis ..

It was some 33 years ago—I was then still quite a young student—when I came across a publication on lead poisoning, by Heubel. In order to elucidate the nature of this poisoning, the author had estimated quantitatively the lead content of the liver, the kidney, and the heart, and had discovered that there were remarkable differences in the amount of lead to be found in the various organs. When he immersed organs of normal animals in dilute lead-solutions and subsequently subjected the organs to chemical analysis, he believed that he obtained exactly the same differences. This experiment seemed to me, at that time, a revelation. The possibility emerged that this technique might be used also to ascertain the sites of action of poisons. That lead was found to be present in certain organs, e.g. the brain, provided merely the starting point for the investigation. The brain is a large structure and is made up of many constituents—cells, fibers, etc. The real problem was to determine in which of these cells the poison was stored. The immediate effect of this idea became almost a disaster for me, since it disrupted, more than a little, the normal course of my studies, without bringing me any nearer to the desired goal. I had nothing but failure from any of my attempts to detect, with the aid of the microscope, the presence of metals applied in high dilutions, and I was not a step further forward.

 van Slyke DD. 1912a. The quantitative determination of aliphatic amino groups. II.  12: 275-84

Louis Jacques Thénard (FR) is credited with the discovery of hydrogen peroxide, the enzyme , and being the first to analyze an enzymatic reaction quantitatively ().

Data Analysis - Statistical Hypothesis Testing

van Slyke DD. 1913a. The fate of protein digestion products in the body: II. Determination of amino nitrogen in the tissues.  16: 187-95

Heller JF. 1844a. Qualitative und quantitative analyse albuminöser flüssigkeiten [Qualitative and quantitative analysis of albuminous fluids]. 1: 192-99

Joseph Barrell (US) published a Phanerozoic time scale based on ages produced by Holmes (), and interpolations involving less quantitative methods. The divisions in the time scale fall fairly close to today's accepted values. For example, Barrell placed the Cenozoic-Mesozoic (Cretaceous-Tertiary) boundary at 55-65 million years ago (today's value: 65 million years ago), and the base of the Cambrian at 360-540 million years ago (today's value: 570 million years ago) ().

Hypothesis-Driven and Exploratory Data Analysis

Svedberg T, Fåhraeus R. 1926. A new method for the determination of the molecular weight of the proteins.  48: 430-38

Otto Folin (SE-US) and Willey Glover Denis (US), by direct chemical analysis, proved that it is amino acids rather than more complex intermediary products of protein digestion, which are absorbed by the intestine and enter the blood. They determined that ammonia is present in excessive amounts only in blood, which had just passed through the walls of parts of the colon in which putrefaction of fecal residues is in progress. They proved that ammonia is absorbed in fairly large quantities from such fecal putrefaction (, ).

Donald Dexter van Slyke (US) described a procedure for the direct determination of amino acid (alpha-amino) nitrogen in protein hydrolysates and in extracts of animal tissues, in the presence of various other organic nitrogenous compounds, which occur in animal tissues ().

Lange G. 1890c. Zur quantitativen bestimmung der cellulose [For the quantitative determination of cellulose]  14: 283-88
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BiochemNetworks: Protein Assay Experiment

Arthur Holmes (GB) concluded that the breakdown of radioactive isotopes in igneous rocks could be used to determine when the rocks solidified. The ability to determine the absolute ages of rocks enables scientists to better date fossils. Using his quantitative time scale and other factors, he made an estimate of Earth's age that was far older than anyone had suggested until then – at least 3 billion years. His initial estimates of Earth's eras have held up remarkably well over time: For example, he placed the beginning of the Cambrian period at around 600 million years ago; today 590 million years is the time frame largely accepted ().

protein determination by the biuret method - Web …

Janet Elizabeth Lane-Claydon (GB) published a groundbreaking study of two cohorts (groups) of babies, fed cow's milk and breast milk respectively. Lane-Claypon found that those babies fed breast milk gained more weight, and she used statistical methods to show that the difference was unlikely to occur by chance alone. She also investigated whether something other than the type of milk could account for the difference, an effect known as "confounding" (). This study may have been the first epidemiologic implementation of a retrospective (historical) cohort study, the first modern description of "confounding" with an accompanying analysis, and the first use of Student’s t test to assess the difference of means in small samples. Lane-Claydon credits Major Greenwood for his help in the statistical analysis of her data.

14/01/2017 · Overview of Protein Assays Methods

A. Lang (DE) observed that the lop-eared phenotype in rabbits is likely due to the multiple factor hypothesis which had been formulated by Nilsson-Ehle on the basis of his studies of quantitative characters in oats and wheat ().

Biuret Testing In Lab Free Essays - StudyMode

Siegfried Ruhemann (GB) produced triketohydrindene hydrate (ninhydrin) then discovered its reaction with amines to form the colored reaction product known as Ruhemann's purple (). The reaction of amines, amino acids, peptides and related compounds with ninhydrin has found extensive use in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of such compounds in chemistry and biochemistry.

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