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A Corpus-Based Concatenative Speech Synthesis System …

This paper describes our on-going work in the area of text-tospeech synthesis, specifically on concatenative techniques. Our preliminary work consisted in investigating the current trends in concatenative synthesis and the problems that could arise when we apply the existing state-of-the art solutions to the specific case of European Portuguese. Our ultimate goal is to develop a text-to-speech system that could be trained for any speaker's voice in a fully automatic way, i.e., we would like to develop a customized text-to-speech synthesizer for any voice reading a predetermined text. Our first steps in this direction involved such issues as automatic segmentation and alignment of recorded speech, optimized inventory design for concatenative synthesis, unit selection and optimal coupling of the selected units. 1. INTRODUTION This paper presents our latest progress concerning text-tospeech synthesis in European Portuguese. The joint effort of the two complementary teams (linguists and ...

In both settings, it fares the best of the submitted systems with respect to recall and F1.

bus slots. In addition, various software implementations were produced, most notably the DECtalk Access32. Certain versions of the synthesiser were prone to undesirable characteristics. For example, the alveolar stops were often assimilated as sounding more like dental stops. Also, versions such as Access32 would produce faint electronic beeps at the end of phrases.

Diphone-based concatenative speech synthesis …

The issues with regard to re-annotation and its corresponding solutions are discussed.

More specifically, we approach personality as a means of synthesising different, and possibly conflicting, adaptivity models into an overall model to be used to drive the interaction components of the system.

Besides the obvious requirement that such interfaces communicate over modalities such as natural language (especially spoken) and gesturing that are more natural for humans, exhibiting affect and adaptivity have also been identified as important factors to the interface’s acceptance by the user.

Allophone-Based Concatenative Speech Synthesis …

In the first phase, a trained annotator labels all named entities in a text irrespective of type.

Sequence labeling systems like part-of-speech taggers are typically trained on newswire text, and in tests their error rate on, for example, biomedical data can triple, or worse.

We analyze and compare two featurebased approaches to using unlabeled data in adaptation: restriction to a shared feature set, and an implementation of Blitzer et al.’s Structural Correspondence Learning.

We conclude with suggestions for future work with respect to the task representation.
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  • Concatenative Speech Synthesis Using SRELP - …

    Overall, the performance achieved is 85.21% F-score and 44.11% F-score in Task1 and Task2, respectively.

  • CiteSeerX — Concatenative Speech Synthesis

    New sentences received scores that correspond with those of their best scoring cue word, if present.

  • The invention relates to a support of a concatenative TTS synthesis

    We show that all four parsers are biased with respect to the kind of annotation they are trained to parse.

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Concatenative Speech Synthesis: A Review - …

We submitted three standard runs in NEWS2010 shared task and ranked first for English to Arabic (WM-EnAr) and obtained an F-measure of 0.915, 0.903, and 0.874 respectively.

Diphone-Based Concatenative Speech Synthesis …

We define CONE B3 and CONE CEAF metrics based on the traditional B3 and CEAF metrics and show that CONE B3 and CONE CEAF scores of any CRR system on any dataset are highly correlated with its B3 and CEAF scores respectively.

Concatenative Bangla Speech Synthesizer Model Author's Name : Md

This is an important advantage of the hierarchical method as it obviates the need for external methods to determine the most important sound correspondences for a geographical cluster.

IJCA - Concatenative Speech Synthesis: A Review

Besides showing that the results of the hierarchical clustering improve over the flat spectral clustering method used in an earlier study (Wieling and Nerbonne, 2009), the values of the second singular vector used to generate the two-way clustering can be used to identify the most important sound correspondences for each cluster.

A Corpus-Based Concatenative Speech Synthesis …

We also present a baseline method to estimate the gold standard required by CONE metrics, and show that CONE B3 and CONE CEAF scores using this estimated gold standard are also correlated with B3 and CEAF scores respectively.

A concatenative speech synthesis for monosyllabic ..

We examine data obtained from psycholinguistic action naming tasks performed by children and adults (speakers of Brazilian Portuguese), and analyze some characteristics of the verbs used by each group in terms of similarity of content, using Jaccard‟s coefficient, and of topology, using graph theory.

A text-to-speech synthesizer employs database that includes units

From the results of our experiments, we conclude that with some in-domain labeled data, training in-domain with no adaptation is most effective, but that when there is no labeled in-domain data, domain adaptation algorithms such as structural correspondence learning can improve summarization.

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