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Industrial Design Thesis

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Graphic and Industrial Design MFAs Accept New …

Basically, regular oral cleaning is a relaxing activity after waking up in the morning or before going to bed at night which is related to freshening breath, eliminating exhaustion, exercising muscle of mouse. Also it is a daily habit. And the stakeholders include family members, close friends, travel companions, roommates and so on. Generally, it happens at washroom. I find oral hygiene system design interesting because it is a daily activities that concerns almost every moment of life deserves more attention. Also sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting are all involved. So there are infinite possibilities for better interaction between human and oral hygiene products.
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13/05/2011 · Charlotte Lux, Industrial Design, MFA 2011

The MFA in industrial design is for career enhancement or redirection. The educational experience is project-oriented, requiring research into design methods and technologies. Cross-disciplinary collaboratives provide an experiential dimension.

Corpus - Industrial Design Mfa Thesis

This is a 48-hour program for a candidate with a four-year undergraduate degree in industrial design or a related design field.

Lara Goulart has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Product and Graphic Design from University of Brasilia, Brazil, which gave her a broad perspective of the field. She came to pursue her MFA in Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology in order to immerse herself in a different cultural experience, to observe and design for daily life problems.
Designing for kids at RIT helped her identify her professional aim. Lara is determined to design for children as a way to help leverage their education, providing great learning experiences and improving family’s relationship while they play. She believes that this is the best way to achieve significant improvements to the world.

Focused design research on an aspect of the interior design field that is most significant to each individual student is the focus of graduate thesis. With the guidance of thesis faculty, research and investigation aim to advance the theoretical, technical, material and/or formal state of knowledge in the field of interior design. Thesis projects, which culminate in both a design proposal and a supportive written text, involve rigorous analytical thinking, critical questioning and coherent project development. These explorations synthesize some of the most important issues relevant to the field today. An acute understanding of environmental impact, human health, behavior and perception, social responsibility, historical precedent, theoretical understanding, material investigation and artistic methodologies are explored. Innovative methods and designs result in these first thesis projects.

industrial design | Liana Beer: MFA Thesis

18/11/2017 · The MFA in industrial design is for career enhancement or redirection

University Gallery hosts the MFA Industrial Design Exhibition: including thesis projects by fourteen MFA candidates: Reema Aldossari, Priyanka Brambarkar, Yi Feng, Shih-Hsuan Huang, Michael Kelly, Nicholas Miclette, Wilson Patton, Wenjing Qi, Kaining Qiu, Elizabeth Stegner, Jiahe Tian, Hui-Yu Yang, Yue Zhang, and Runhao Zhao. Opens April 21, on view through May 20, 2017.

For years, Yale has topped nearly every annual survey of the best MFA programs in the nation because, well, it’s Yale—one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in America. Don’t let its 300-plus-year history and Hogwarts-like campus fool you, though; Yale’s school of art is hip to the times, as evidenced by its post-internet, irony-saturated website populated with random GIFs. Like any Ivy League school, the competition is as high as the annual tuition, but perhaps worth it. While the school offers numerous specializations, painting and photography stand out. Students may also work with the likes of , , , and Brent Howard; upon graduation they’ll join the alumni ranks of , , , and .

Best Masters of Arts (M.A) in Industrial Design 2018
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  • The graduate program in Industrial Design offers ..

    Gives information about the school's faculty and design courses, which include architecture and interior architecture.

  • Grad Program in Industrial Design | The Princeton Review

    Alumna Sarah Turner Joining the MFA Applied Craft + Design Program as Entrepreneur in Residence MORE >

  • MFA Industrial Design Thesis: Thesis Statement

    MFA in Industrial Design

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Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design; ..

Yuhan Wei graduated from Beijing Forestry University in 2014 with a degree in Furniture Design. She is Chinese born and bred, now residing in United States. Her unique style is keeping her design work minimal and clean taking an emotional approach. Her personal quote is “design can bring positive attitude to our lives even change our lifestyle.”
She used to design primarily furniture, but since studying at Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in industrial design graduate program, she has more enthusiasm about emotional and interaction design.


Medical Instrument and Devices
Rana Rezaei Started to show interest in design when she was a teenager. She attended to art school and achieved her graphic diploma then she attend to Azad University of Tehran and she was able to receive a bachelor degree in industrial design. Regarding to her dedication to this program she decided to attend to Rochester Institute of Technology to receive further education in her desired field to receive her masters in industrial design.

a new Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, ..

Trupti Pomaje completed her undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering from Pune university, India.
she is expanding her skills beyond technical field with her masters studies in Industrial Design at Rochester institute of Technology. In her words, ‘ I am the DesignEEr who wants to solve problem with best of both Design and Technical world’.
Her thesis focuses on making the electronic products, laptop and smartphones, sustainable. Today’s world is so much technologically advanced but; products are manufactured where planning after their end of life is not focused very much upon and that is creating more and more E waste which is polluting the environment and will eventually cause scarcity of resources. Her concept is to design these products for longevity. She is working on making smartphones, tablets, laptops as a modular system working together rather than being discrete products and thinning the line between packaging and the product by designing package functioning as a part of a product.

MFA Thesis Exhibition | Columbus College of Art & Design

RISD is renowned for a technically driven curriculum, so if you prefer to spend more time getting dirty in the studio than reading critical theory, this is the place for you. Classes are generally pretty small, too, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 10 to one, so you’re guaranteed quality time with your peers and professors. Programs of study include painting, sculpture, and photography, as well as furniture design and glass. Roughly 90 percent of graduates from RISD find work within three years, with over 60 percent of those landing a job directly related to their field of study. Alums include , , , and .

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