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synthesis and structure activity relationship of Ranitidine.

Synthesis and cholinergic properties of bis[[(dimethylamino)methyl]furanyl] analogs of ranitidine

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NDMA Formation by Chloramination of Ranitidine: …

A particular problem in the nomenclature and stereochemical designation of semisynthetic compounds occurs as both the above systems may be used to define the structure of a single molecule. For example, the absolute stereochemistry of the 6-aminopenicillanic acid and 7-aminocephalosporanic acid nucleii have been determined and defined using the R/S system but the addition of a side chain, e.g. Ampicillin, Cephalexin may result in the introduction of an additional chiral centre, which in the case of these two compounds is frequently defined in terms of the D/L system.

Industrial synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds frequently involves the use of ..

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the anti-ulcer drug ranitidine ..

Diketoneimine derivative as an intermediate product for synthesis of ranitidine and method of its synthesis

As pointed out above many of the agents used in antimicrobial chemotherapy are natural or semisynthetic products and frequently single isomers are used. However, mixtures of diastereoisomers and enantiomers do occur and the remainder of this article will examine such cases using the β-lactams and quinolone derivatives as representative examples.

The problems associated with drug stereochemistry are complex, many of the semisynthetic agents are marketed as mixtures of diastereoisomers and a number of the synthetic agents are used as racemates. Such mixtures are regarded by some as 'compounds containing 50% impurity' and their use is essentially 'polypharmacy' with the proportions in the mixture being determined by chemical properties rather than therapeutic need. As a result of this increased concern, drug stereochemistry has become an issue for both the pharmaceutical industry and all the major regulatory authorities.

Ranitidine – Drug Approvals International

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In recent years drug stereochemistry has become a significant issue for both the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory authorities. The significance of stereoisomerism in antimicrobial agents is addressed in this review using examples drawn from the β-lactams, as being representative of semisynthetic agents, and the quinolones, as examples of synthetic agents. Within these two groups of compounds it is clear that stereochemical considerations are of significance for an understanding of concentration effect relationships, selectivity in both action and inactivation and for an appreciation of the mode of action at a molecular level.

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    Ranitidine Hcl

  • Ranitidine form 1 from furfuril alcohol

    AbstractFour crystalline and one noncrystalline form of RANITIDINE-HC1 were prepared and ..

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