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Michael S. Gazzaniga (US) later wrote, “Results accumulated over a period of six years demonstrated that the cortical commissures were critical to the inter-hemispheric integration of perceptual and motor function. These studies also revealed that the mute right hemisphere was specialized for certain functions that deal with nonverbal processes, while, not surprisingly, the left hemisphere was dominant for language. For the first time in the history of brain science the specialized functions of each hemisphere could be positively demonstrated as a function of which hemisphere was asked to respond” (). This work forms the basis of human developmental neurobiology and psychobiology.

Pellagra is a disease caused by a lack of the vitamin niacin (vitamin B 3)

Pierre Paul Broca (FR) was interested in the circulatory changes associated with mental activities as manifest by changes in brain temperature. He studied the effect of various mental activities, especially language, on the localized temperature of the scalp of medical students. Although such measurements might seem unlikely to yield any useful information, the reported observations, unbiased by preconceived notions of the functional anatomy of the cortex, were remarkably perceptive ().

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Symptoms include inflamed skin, diarrhea, dementia, and sores in the mouth

One of the well-known characteristics of ADHD children is that they arefidgety. Whenever they are trying hard to concentrate, they are inconstant motion, unable to sit still, and it has been hypothesized that such kinestheticsactually help them think. One way random movements couldbe effective is through activating dopamine release. Dopamine plays acritical role in body movement: people with Parkinson's disease areunable to initiate movement and appear paralyzed unless treated withthe dopamine precursor, L-dopa. I hypothesize that, through randommovements of their limbs, ADHD children are able to stimulate therelease of dopamine, and thus increase its bioavailability for theimportant other roles involved in attention and learning.

Jean Baptiste Bouillaud (FR) used experiments as well as controlled clinical and autopsy findings, to confirm the view of Gall, that the center for articulate speech is located in the anterior lobes of the brain. He further pointed out the difference between the ability to create words and the ability to articulate them—internal and external language.

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Thiamine: learn about effectiveness, usual dosage, and drug interactions on MedlinePlus

Carl Wernicke (PL-DE) published a small volume on , which vaulted him into international fame. In it is precise pathoanatomic analysis paralleling the clinical picture. He is best known for his work on and . Both of these descriptions bear his name. Further, his books on the disorders of the internal capsule and his textbooks on diseases of the nervous system perpetuate him. In this work he also relates damage to the left temporoparietal junction of the brain to loss of language comprehension (, ). Broca, 1856. is due to cortical lesions in the posterior portion of the left first temporal convolution.

make a hypothesis.A scientific hypothesis is the initial building block in the scientific method
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