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intellivoice voice synthesis module | eBay

At least two prototypes were built, though, of an International Intellivoice module

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Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module | Encyclopedia …

Last year, Mattel Electronics® introduced Intellivoice. Our unique voice synthesis module. And the first system to integrate human speech into a complete network of advanced video games. Intellivoice still has the video world talking. Because once you add the Intellivoice module to your Intellivision system, you've added the capability of much more sophisticated games. With voice as an essential part of the action. Not just a special effect. Suddenly, voices are barking commands, warning you of enemy attack, even giving you strategy tips.

12/06/2012 · Favorite AVGN Moments #15 - IntelliVoice Synthesis Module Maineutral

The Intellivision module simply plugs into the Intellivision Master Component. Special Intellivision game cartridges plug into the Intellivoice unit to give you game play with voice. Or, plug in regular Intellivision cartridges for game play without voice.

intellivision voice synthesis module | eBay

A version of the Intellivoice module, designed to match the white Intellivision II, appeared in the 1983 Intellivision catalog.

A restyled Intellivoice, designed to match the Intellivision II, appeared in the January 1983 Mattel Electronics catalog; a working prototype, however, was never built. The module shown in the catalog was merely a carved and painted block of wood.

At least two prototypes were built, though, of an International Intellivoice module. The prototypes look like a regular Intellivoice, but they contain additional ROM with French, German and Italian versions of the RESROM. Foreign language versions of were produced, but neither they nor the International Intellivoice module itself were ever released.

the Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module.

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Since the Intellivision was based on a General Instruments chip set, it didn't take long for someone to realize that the could be the basis for a nifty Intellivision add-on. Ron Carlson, an engineer in Design & Development, was put in charge of developing the Intellivoice module hardware; Ron Surratt, who would later manage the programming of M Network Atari 2600 games, was hired to write the software; Patrick Jost was in charge of analyzing and editing voice data.

Because with Intellivision, you get what you play for. Sophisticated graphics. Challenging action. A big selection of exciting games. And great games are only the beginning. You can transform your Intellivision game system into a computerized entertainment center, simply by adding-on a variety of accessories. Start with the Master Component and go as far as your imagination will take you. There's the Intellivoice voice module to add the dimension of human speech to games, and a new level of fun. And our new Intellivision Computer Adaptor that lets you turn Intellivision into a home computer. You can add our Computer Keyboard to learn computer programming. Or the Music Synthesizer to experience the world of music.

The Mattel Intellivision game console offered the Intellivoice Voice Synthesis module in ..
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  • Intellivision Intellivoice - Voice Synthesis Module

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  • Module for Intellivision to play the voice synthesis cartridge games.

    Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module for the Mattel Intellivision System

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    Intellivision Intellivoice - Voice Synthesis Module-Intellivision Intellivoice - Voice Synthesis Module

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Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module (Systems and Accessories)

An attempt to recoup the Intellivoice investment was made by deciding to include the Orator chip and RESROM in the Intellivision III master component; no add-on module would be needed to play the original or new Intellivoice games. Unfortunately, the Intellivision III never got off the drawing board.

Intellivision Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Video Game Module

[The following material is excerpted from the Intellivoice (Model 3330) Product Engineering Specification by Thomas L. Randolph, project engineer, March 18, 1982, revised May 6, 1982; from the General Instruments Product Specification for the Orator Speech Processor; and from the Intellivoice Service Manual.]

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