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Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction, 2nd ..

Introduces learners to the fundamentals of creating and organizing online courses according to the ASSURE Model of instructional design and the standards created by Quality Matters. IDOL covers analyzing learners; writing proper learning objectives; ADA compliance; selecting methods, media, and materials to be used within an online course; utilizing those methods, media, and materials; requiring learner participation; evaluating and revising your course; assessing and measuring performance; and a self-reflection.

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introduces students to the fascinating worldof organic chemistry at the mechanistic level with a thoroughly self-contained,well-integrated exposition of orbital interaction theory and its applicationsto modern organic chemistry. Professor Rauk reviews concepts of symmetryand orbital theory, and explains reactivity in common functional groupsand reactive intermediates in terms of orbital interaction theory. Aided by numerous examples and worked problems, he guides readers throughbasic chemistry concepts, such as acid and base strength, nucleophilicity,electrophilicity, and thermal stability (in terms of orbital interactions),and provides various computational models for describing those interactions.

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is an excellent text for advanced level undergraduateand graduate students in organic chemistry. It is also a valuableworking resource for professional chemists seeking guidance on interpretingthe quantitative data produced by modern computational chemists.

From the back cover: A practical introduction to orbital interactiontheory and its applications to modern organic chemistryOrbital interactiontheory is a conceptual construct that lies at the very heart of modernorganic chemistry. Comprising a comprehensive set of principles forexplaining chemical reactivity, orbital interaction theory originates ina rigorous theory of electronic structure that also provides the basisfor the powerful computational models and techniques with which chemistsseek to describe and exploit the structures and thermodynamic stabilitiesof molecules.

Modern Organic Synthesis : An Introduction, Second Edition

, Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction would not have been written.

Modern Organic Synthesis: An Introduction pdf …
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    Solutions Manual For Modern Organic Synthesis An Introduction

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