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FiReSpotter: : Founder, Santa Barbara Angel Alliance

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FiReSpotter: : President, Keiretsu Forum Northwest

GeometrixGeonauteGeoplanGeoretteGeorge Barris SupervanGeorge Dennis Wah-Switch Wah Switch Plus Wah Volume Wah Wah Wizard BluesGeorge Foreman EvolveGeorge Kaye Audio LabsGeorge TurnockGeorge Whitehouse EngineeringGeorges Irat PourtoutGeorgia Institute of Technology Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept Golem Krang MacGyver BotGeorgia Institute of Technology Center for Emergency Response Technology, Instruction, and Policy ChemBio Decision Aid Medical ReachbackGeorgia Tech Brailletouch TarzanGeorgie Boy CruisemasterGeoSynch GalileoGeotechGeotrack V-BoxGerberGericomGermainGerman A.F.

 for Recognition using a class of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Architectures

Social-engagement solutions span Independa’s telephony-based system, as well as a single-touch application running on a tablet, touchscreen computer, or even a television. Independa will provide caregivers and the care team with real-time alerts, allowing for immediate, efficient, and effective intervention whenever customized parameters are exceeded. Last, Independa will integrate its software platform with existing systems to foster continuity and communication among care team members, patients, and families.

FiReSpotter: : President, Keiretsu Forum Northwest

FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.

Inside the industry.
In an effort to continually improve and enhance its product and service offerings, USA Technologies has acquired two companies. In May 2002, it acquired Stitch Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary and operator of cashless networked services in the laundry and vending industries. In July 2003, it acquired the assets of Bayview Technology Group, an energy management equipment provider in the vending industry and several other industries.

TruTag Technologies Inc.’s on-product authentication solution directly and covertly marks products to provide a powerful business information and security tool for global manufacturers of products and components. Specifically, TruTag’s technology addresses the problems of counterfeiting and, product diversion, and returns monitoring, quality control and product recalls in advanced industries such as healthcare and life sciences, food and food packaging, electronics and industrial, and consumer goods.

FiReSpotter: : President, Keiretsu Forum Northwest

FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.

iLovePhotos uses facial detection to make it effortless to organize, share, and enjoy your photos. Its desktop software applies advanced technology to automatically create personalized slideshows for your friends and family to watch on the Web, iPhone, and TV. Given thousands of personal photos, iLovePhotos automatically creates new 60-second slideshows every day. It’s like a personalized radio station for your pictures.

Founded in 2006, Complete Genomics is a California company that has developed a novel approach to sequencing human DNA. Complete Genomics plans to combine its proprietary third-generation DNA sequencing technology and its high-performance computing capabilities to create a human genome sequencing service that will deliver low-cost, high-quality data on an unprecedented scale. The company is currently building the world’s largest human genome sequencing center. This development will allow pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers, for the first time, to conduct large-scale human genome studies that will help identify the genetic underpinnings of complex diseases and drug responses.

FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.
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  • FiReSpotter: : President, Keiretsu Forum Northwest

    FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.

  • FiReSpotter: Simon Hackett, Non-Executive Director, NBN Co. Limited

    FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.

  • FiReSpotter: John Petote: CEO,

    FiReSpotter: : Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Graphene Stakeholders Assoc.

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FiReSpotter: David Titus: San Diego Venture Group

One of the major triggers forcing the elderly to move from the comforts of home to institutionalized care is incontinence. Today, up to 70% of nursing-home residents are treated as “incontinent,” and incontinence management is one of the largest costs for nursing homes, exceeding $80 billion/year globally. Yet there is widespread dissatisfaction with the way incontinence is managed: the elderly would rather stay at home than enter a nursing home, and would prefer their incontinence be managed in a more dignified way; nurses would rather spend less time on incontinence management tasks; and nursing home CFOs would like to reduce this major budgetary line item.

FiReSpotter: Nathan McDonald, President,

OneOcean Corp., based in Seattle, Washington, is the world leader in cloud storage and data management for marine geographic information systems. OneOcean has developed a unique Internet software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for collecting, storing, accessing, and analyzing complex oceanic and geophysical data. The OneOcean public Archive™ and private DataBank™ solutions unburden organizations from indepen¬dently managing inefficient legacy systems and empower them to meet their business, research, and operating objectives with advanced processing and insight engines.

FiReSpotter: Larry Smarr, Director, , UCSD/Irvine

CSRHub provides transparent ratings on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and makes global sustainability data accessible. Its sustainability ratings system is a powerful way of viewing CSR brand performance and a tool to help corporate managers do benchmarking, market research, and supply chain management. CSRHub provides environmental, employee, community, and governance ratings on about 7,000 large publicly traded companies in 135 industries and 70 countries.

FiReSpotter: Nathan McDonald, President,

Heliae is developing and designing cost-effective technology solutions that will enable the sustainable, industrial-scale production of food, fuel, cosmetics, fertilizers, and bio-chemicals from algae. As innovators and integrators of a technology platform, its processes will enable companies worldwide to convert sunlight and waste-nutrients into the affordable and renewable products our growing world requires.

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