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Thus, we can conclude ourhypothesis is supported.

Scientists are still debatingthe heating of the planet.For now, there is no concensus on a theory for the warmingof Earth.

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Al Gore Says the Science in Global Warming is Settled

The current state of the climate is consistent with the possible effect of another cooling period that might continue for another 15 years before the next period of warming.

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Panel 1: Under conditions normal before 1965, ultraviolet-C (UV-C) warmed the upper atmosphere, UV-B primarily warmed the ozone layer, and UV-A and visible light warmed Earth.

09/12/2015 · It is neither a hypothesis or theory

When talking about Global Warming what is a theory

FIGURE 4. Observed average temperatures from 1900 to 2000 (black line) along with modeled temperatures. Blue shading shows models run with only natural force sand historic greenhouse gases (i.e. where we should be) and the red shading show the projected temperature change with all human driven changes in land-cover and atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. The overlay of the observed temperature line and the red shaded area from the ensemble of global climate model runs serves as strong evidence humans have played a major role since 1960 in driving warming global temperatures. (Figure source: US Global Change Research Program).

Panel 2: CFCs, when they rise to the level of very cold polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs), release chlorine that depletes ozone, causing more UV-B than usual to reach Earth's surface, thus cooling the ozone layer and warming Earth.

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We can observe that
temperatures on Earth
have been rising Using said observations, we can hypothesize that
the warming of Earth may be due to Global Warming
With a hypothesis set in place,
we can make deeper observations/
conduct experiments about the
heating of Earth.

Viewed overall there is an underlying warming trend enhanced or enfeebled by natural causes, some of a ~30 year cycle and others of smaller duration that make the observed graph 'jagged'.

A Guide to the Global Warming Theory | The Heritage …
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with the anthropomorphic global warming hypothesis: ..

The scientific method is crucial in understanding
all things of a scientific method Understanding what the method
is, however, is just the tip of the
iceberg to comprehending
some ideas.
Concepts, such as global warming
can be explained, using all the steps
of the scientific method.

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