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Journal of Engineering, Project and Production Management.

[6] Jun-Ren Ding and Jar-Ferr Yang, "A Simplified Spiht Algorithm", Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Vol.

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International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.

Another objective is to provide novel approach in order to help the reader with choosing the most appropriate digital filter for the multirate digital signal processing.

Key words: Digital Signal Processing, Multirate filter, Sampling rate, FIR and CIC.

[1] L.C Loong and N.C Kyun, "Design and Development of a Multirate Filters in Software Defined Radio Environment", International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.

Cubuk, Journal ofthe Faculty of Engineering andArchitecture of Gazi University 27 (2012)459.[4] M.

[2] ZUMBAL Atan and Martine Rousseau " Inventory Optimization for Perishables Subject to Supply Disruptions" Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) - Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences and Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
[3] D.

International Journal of EngineeringScience and Technology, vol.

International Journal of Engineering Science Invention; 2(5), 22 – 33.[4] Anosike, M.N.

Pavithran, "Performance Improvement inSingle phase Tubular Heat Exchanger usingcontinuous Helical Baffles", InternationalJournal of Engineering Research andApplications (IJERA), Vol.

Moghiman, "Thermal analysis of shell-sideflow of shell-and tube heat exchanger usingexperimental and theoretical methods",International Journal of Engineering, Vol.

Master’s Program - UF Industrial and Systems Engineering

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control, 17(2), 2001, 191-200.[5] P.R.

ESS Design White Paper – RISC Embedded Controller.
[2] Youngjoon Shin, Chanho Lee, and Yong Moon, "A Low Power 16-Bit RISC Microprocessor Using ECRL Circuits", ETRI Journal, Volume 26, Number 6, December 2004.
[3] Yasuhiro Takahashi, Toshikazu Sekine, and Michio Yokoyama, "Design of a 16-bit Non-pipelined RISC CPU in a Two Phase Drive Adiabatic Dynamic CMOS Logic," International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Vol.

Jamil Ahmad, Estimation of global solar radiation using clear sky radiation in Yemen, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review 5(2), 2012, 12-19.
[3] Zarzo Manuel, Marti Pau, Modelling the variability of solar radiation data among weather stations by means of principal components analysis, International Journal of Applied Energy 88(8), 2011, 2775-2784.
[4] Janjai, S.

/ (IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering Vol.
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  • Journal of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers

    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume(3)[3] Dase R.K.

  • Topic of research project about industrial engineering

    Phd Thesis, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics, 2001.[3] S.

  • IJERT | International Journal of Engineering Research …

    Indian Journal (CSIR) of Scientific and Industrial Research, vol.67, pp.543-548.

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International Journal of Industrial Engineering and ..

"Design Optimization of Plate Girder Using Generalized Reduced Gradient and Constrained Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms", International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering.
[5] R.

Academic Journal "Industrial Machine ..

International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Dindigul, 2(1), pp.205-218.
[4] Murali Krishna, M.V.S., Kishor, K., Murthy, P.V.K Gupta, A.V.S.S.K.S and Narasimha Kumar,S.

Find Journal Articles - Industrial Engineering - …

Agarwal, "Simulation and performance Analysis of adaptive filter in Noise cancellation", International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Vol.

LibGuides Industrial Engineering Find Journal Articles Search ..

Arif Siddique, "Microstructural & Morphological Evolutions of Al-Al2O3 Powder Composite during Ball Milling", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol.1, No.10,2012
[5] M.

International Journal of Engineering and ..

Deliyannis, Delta-Sigma Modulators: Modeling, Design and Applications (Imperial College Press,London, UK, 2003.
[4] AbdelghaneDenbdouga,NourEddineBougechal, Souhealkouda and Samir Barrea "Modeling of second order sigma delta modulator with imperfections"international journal on electrical engineering and informatics vol.

International Journal of Engineering and Management Research ..

Using the information obtained the development of an android application will be done, in which the user will get the traffic density at the location of choice.

Key words: Traffic management, motion detection, background subtraction, digital image processing

[1] Sabya sanchi kanoji, "Real-time Traffic light-control and Congestion avoidance system", International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA), Vol.

International journal of Industrial Engineering | Request …

Shayestehfard, Compensation Of Sags And Swells Voltage Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) During Single Line To Ground And Three-Phase Faults, International Journal on "Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering" (IJTPE) September 2012 Issue 12 Volume 4 Number 3.
[4] Sanjay A Deokar, Laxman M Waghmare, DVR Control Strategy For Dynamic Power Quality Disturbance Mitigation, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2012
[5] MR.

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