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When you are considering an aquatic prosthesis (wet leg), there are a few main questions you need to answer:

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cover a prosthetic that’s strictly for swimming.

Thanks to modern mechanical prosthetics, complete with hydraulics and microprocessors, missing a limb needn’t mean missing much. Except when it comes to swimming. Artificial appendages for the water are still rudimentary: Most resemble clip-on canoe paddles for hands or kiddie flippers for feet—clunky versions of their nimble landlubbing brethren.

2013/10/16 · This is my husband swimming with a prosthetic flipper leg

Racing against the able bodied seemed only natural to me. It was good training and certainly a challenge. I could feel more acceptance of myself as a swimmer and an athlete. I also found that being fit was very beneficial to walking on an above knee prosthesis. It wasn’t always easy, but the efforts paid benefits for many years to come. I developed more solid discipline and was able to focus on improving my personal best times in preparation for my first disability games competition in Brantford, Ontario.

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Next time you are chatting with your prosthetist – you might want to ask about an aquatic prosthesis (wet leg).

The Freestyle Swimming Td. is a recreational accessory designed to be used with a custom swimming prosthesis for those interested in high performance or competitive swimming capability. The design which mimics a folding wing reduces resistance during stroke recovery but flares open to provide maximum resistance during the power stroke. The device can be rotated to optimize various swimming strokes and styles. The wings can be fixed in a flared position for treading water and water aerobic exercise. The Freestyle comes in an adult size but can be easily modified down to conform to smaller hand displacements using standard shop equipment such as band or jig saws and belt sanders. (3.4 ounces, 6 inches long x 5.5 inches wide). 1/2 inch diameter, threaded stainless stud fits all standard body powered, mechanical prosthetic wrists. No cable is required.

The Swim Fin Kit is used without a prosthesis but has the same folding wing design as the Freestyle Swimming Td. TRS provides all the required materials and instructions for fabrication. General shops tools are required for construction including band or jig saw, belt sander, rivet tools, etc. Patterns supplied enable custom construction to match a person’s individual limb and hand dimensions. Fabrication is probably best left to the skills of a certified prosthetist. An economical, simple, lightweight, reliable swimming device for general swimming recreation and exercise.

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If you have a prosthetic arm or leg you will find it ..

A swimming prosthesis is used for an amputee who has below knee amputation. It can also be used with knee prosthesis to provide swim mobility to an above knee amputee.

The swimming prosthesis can be a lifestyle enhancement for an amputee. It gives a patient the ability to use shower, tub, pool, beach, and so on easily.

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    This is my husband swimming with a prosthetic flipper leg. As you can see he has trouble with his left arm because it …

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    Water Leg Prosthesis

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Specialty Lower-Limb Prostheses – Special-Purpose Prosthetic Legs ..

So, inspired by amputee sprinters like (whose extensive collection of prosthetic legs includes creations by the late designer Alexander McQueen), Swedish industrial design student Richard Stark developed an elegant, water-friendly prosthetic called the . “I wanted users to be able to choose from a variety of colors, like with shoes,” he says. But to make sure form didn’t drown function, Stark teamed up with a pair of competitive amputee swimmers and their coaches to solve the problems amputees encounter in the pool.

One answer is a shower leg, a simplified prosthesis designed to ..

Water proof SACH foot: a simpler foot. Some below knee amputees like this option for the cosmetic benefits as it allows the fibreglass to continue seamlessly (in a leg shape) down to the foot.

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IF you are wanting to swim using the prosthesis, you can use adjustable ankle/foot combinations: these allow for a pointed toe during swimming and a ‘90°’ ankle position for walking.

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