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LegUp: High-Level Sythesis For FPGA Systems ..

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LegUp: An open-source high-level synthesis tool for …

Since my original post almost a year ago, I've come a long way. After a pretty exhaustive search, I came up with very few high-level synthesis tools suitable for iOS development. There are many which are GPL licensed, but the GPL license is too restrictive for me to feel comfortable using it. LibPD works great, and is what rjdj uses, but I found myself really frustrated by the graphical programming paradigm. JSyn's c-based engine, csyn, is an option, but it requires licensing, and I'm really used to programming with open-source tools. It does look worth a close look though.

Legup is ranked 29,836,444 in the United States. 'High-Level Synthesis with LegUp.'

The framework can generate a large amount of architectural variations of a design written in C, and run simulation, synthesis, layout and power analysis on each design.

High-Level Synthesis with LegUp A Crash Course for …

High-Level Synthesis with LegUp A Crash Course for Users and Researchers

Then you need to do some synthesis to generate the audio data. If you like patching, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend . It seems to work great, and you can work the way you're accustomed to. If you hate graphical patching (like me), your best starting place for now is probably . If STK and low-level audio programming seems a bit over your head (like it was for me), just roll up your sleeves, pack a tent, and set up on a bit of a long hike up the learning curve. You'll be a much better programmer for it in the end.

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From software to accelerators with LegUp high-level synthesis

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  • High-Level Synthesis with LegUp: A Crash Course for …

    SIGN IN SIGN UP From software to accelerators with LegUp high-level synthesis

  • 16/08/2013 · C/C++ based high level synthesis ..

    High Level Synthesis Jobs

  • Synthesis of level 1 evidence with ..

    I came up with very few high-level synthesis tools suitable for iOS ..

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