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Portable Photosynthesis System

LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System Brochure - LI

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Includes LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System

The 6400-88 Expanded Temperature Control Kit is an accessory for the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System that is used to increase the range of temperature control of the system sensor head block.

LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System; LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System; Soil Gas Flux

A) Schematic representation of the gas exchange system LiCor. B) Basic equation for photosynthesis and transpiration. C) Light curve resulting from plotting rate of CO2 assimilation versus increasing light intensity (irradiance). Note that assimilation is first limited by the amount of light and then by the rate of carboxylation and recycling of the required precursors. Schemes courtesy of Susanne von Caemmerer, The Australian National University.


The LI-6400 Portable Photosynthesis System.1 System Description The System …

The 6400-09 is a carefully designed 9.55 cm diameter chamber for measuring soil CO2 flux using the LI-6400XT. A pressure equilibration tube, perforated manifold, and automated cycling regime ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. The 6400-09 Soil CO2 Flux Chamber is an accessory that provides additional versatility for the LI-6400XT system. The 6400-09 attaches directly to the sensor head of the LI-6400XT — the mixing fan in the sensor head is used to move air through a perforated manifold in the 6400-09, thoroughly mixing the air in the chamber. OPEN instrument software includes a configuration for the 6400-09, simplifying the switch between photosynthesis measurements and soil respiration.

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A portable open gas-exchange system (Li-6400, Li ..

accessory for the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System that is used to ..

Using the Li-6400/Li-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System

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