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T1 - Disjunctive decomposition of logic functions

The IWLS community maintains a setof ,synthesized and mapped in Verilog and OpenAccess.

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Logicsynthesis results on LEKU examples

EUV lithography will enable a significant leap forward in the circuit density of chips, because the shorter-wavelength light allows stepper tools to draw features at least 10 times smaller than is possible with today's technology.

The resulting combinations can be considered technology-independent supergates.

EP7212 Maverick Processor Has Digital-Audio Interface for MP3 PlayersCirrus Logic's new EP7212 Maverick chip is an application-specific standard product (ASSP) for mobile information appliances that need digital-audio capabilities.

The inverters do not count towards the number of logic levels.

8th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology (DET'14).

Intended for low-cost desktop computers, servers, and embedded systems, these 32- and 64-bit chips are rapidly becoming as sophisticated as any designs in the world, falling short in performance only because Chinese fabrication technology lags behind the rest of the industry by two process generations.

Actel has announced a technology called Fusion that, for the first time, can integrate mixed-signal logic with an embedded-processor core, flash memory, and SRAM in the same programmable-logic device.

73rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC'11).

Creates node boundaries in this AIG and collapses the intermediate logic to form larger nodes.

This course will examine political, economic, technological, social and cultural changes of the last five centuries that have affected peoples across the world. Particular focus will be on the emergence of the modern nation state, the rise of empires, colonization, the industrial revolution, revolutions, independence movements, decolonization, the role of technology and the development of a global economy.

Indus civilization; Post-Harappan transition and the Aryan debate; Gangetic civilization; Sacred geography and the making of India; Early Indian society; Woman and child in ancient India; Main schools of thought and belief systems; Ethics and values; Knowledge systems and knowledge transmission; India’s ecological traditions; An overview of Science and Technology in ancient India; Architecture and sacred geometry in classical India; India’s interface with other civilizations.

Consequently, the company's SLX technology enables high-level systemwide analysis of both domains.
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  • Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB'05), pages 179-190.

    14th International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis (ATVA'16), pages 323-339, Springer.

  • 4th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET).

    8th International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE'14), pages 76-81.

  • Other technologies we considered for this award are noteworthy, too.

    Neurobiology of learning and memory, functional network of brain areas involved in learning and memory

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and developed Cellular Visual Technology.

Task Environment and its properties; Artificial Agent; Uninformed Search Strategies; Different types of Local Searches; Game Playing Theory; Propositional Logic and Inference Rules; Planning; Regression Planning; Planning in Real World; Decision Theory under Uncertainty; Machine Learning Techniques.

It combines an 8051 processor core with reprogrammable logic.

Armada 385 and 380 Begin Maiden Voyage in HKMG TechnologyMarvell has quietly launched its first Armada-family embedded processors fabricated in 28nm technology.

Is it embedded-memory logic or embedded-logic memory?

The most visible result of moving to 28nm high- metal-gate (HKMG) technology is a big jump in clock speed—at its maximum target clock frequency of 1.6GHz, the Armada 385 is 60% faster than the Armada 375.

IWLS - International Workshop on Logic and ..

CO2 gas Lasers. Principles of excitation and generation of Laser beam. Introduction to design and construction of subsystems. Laser beam characteristics and factors governing laser power. External optics, beam transport and delivery. Polarizer, welding and cutting heads. Laser power control: continuous and pulsing modes. Power cycles Laser cutting Technology, process overview, selective use of assist gases, Laser cutting variables, Process, work piece and machine parameters for sheet metal cutting applications. Standard cutting for mild steel and high pressure cutting for stainless steels. Quality assessment of laser cuts: kerf,roughness,drag lines, burring, burns and pitting Cutting applications for wood, ceramics, polymers and non-ferrous alloys. Introduction to laser welding.

Synthesis and Optimization of Threshold Logic Networks …

Macom is retaining Mindspeed's extensive analog portfolio and Comcerto voice-over-IP (VoIP) processors but is selling the Comcerto gateway processors to Freescale for an undisclosed sum.

based combinational logic optimization system targeting area and ..

These eagerly awaited 28nm chips fill several gaps in the QorIQ T-series, finally superseding some popular but aging P-series processors manufactured in 45nm technology.

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