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Maguire et al. (brain scans) Study

Maguire et al. argue that this study demonstrates the plasticity of the hippocampus in response to environmental demands.

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For example Maguire et al. refer to evidence that increased hippocampal volume relative to brain and body size has been reported in small mammals and birds who engage in behaviour requiring spatial memory, such as food storing.

The mental map of the city of London is stored in the posterior hippocampi of taxi drivers.

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That Hippocampus relates to memory

However, the study focuses on SPATIAL AWARENESS role of the Hippocampus

Studies into brains of animals have the key
: Studies in rats show that their Hippoc is active while running through a maze
Spatial awareness is the ability to be aware of oneself in space.

The aim of Maguire's study was to investigate what the exact role of the Hippocampus is.

What was the hypothesis of Maguire et al's study?

Maguire et al argued that it was clearly a change because correlation showed an increase over time.

Maguire et al. set out to discover whether morphological (changes in form and shape) changes could be detected in the healthy human brain associated with extensive experience of spatial navigation. Their prediction was that the hippocampus would be the most likely brain region to show changes.

To test this prediction the researchers decided to study London taxi drivers because they rely heavily on spatial navigation skills in their working lives. London taxi drivers have to undertake extensive training known as ?The Knowledge? and during this time they have to acquire a vast spatial memory of the roads of central London. Aim

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Shahed J, Jankovic J (2001) Re-emergence of childhood stuttering in Parkinson’s disease: A hypothesis. Mov Disord 16: 114-118.

Maguire et al. note that from previous studies it is impossible to know whether differences in brain anatomy are predetermined or whether the brain is susceptible to plastic change in response to environmental stimulation.

The aim of the study was to investigate whether changes could be detected in the brains of London taxi drivers and to further investigate the functions of the hippocampus in spatial memory. Method/Procedure

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  • Outline the sample used in Maguire et al’s study

    Core Study - Maguire et Al

  • 30/04/2009 · A summary of Maguire et al's (2000) ..

    Maguire et al

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    The paper by Maguire et al

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According to the ‘radial-unit hypothesis’ of Rakic ..

the use of open rather than closed questions and the use of attentive listening leads to greater disclosure of patients’ significant concerns (cancer patients), increased talkativeness and expression of both concerns and emotions (child psychiatry) and disclosure of psychosocial problems (paediatrics) (Cox 1989, Maguire et al 1996, Wissow et al 1994). Similarly need for open to closed cone and loss of significant (often negative) information without closed questions

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The first method used to collect data was a surveyadministered to forty college-age women around the UW-Madison campus. Thesurvey focused on body image, self-esteem and thoughts about magazines. Thesecond method used was an observation, consisting of four groups of twocollege-age women who were asked todiscuss their feelings and attitudes toward a fashion/beauty magazine and ahealth/fitness magazine. The third method conducted was in-depth interviews offour college-age women using extensive questions to gain additional informationon whether college-age women are affected by the magazine industry’s culture ofthinness. The fourth method was an experiment using twelve college-age womenwho were divided into three separate groups with each group being assigned oneof three magazines: a health/fitness magazine, a beauty/fashion magazine or anews magazine. After reading the magazines, the women were given a survey verysimilar to the one used in method one. The four methods combined allowed us toaddress our hypothesis that college-age women have negative body images andself-esteem due to the culture of thinness which the magazine industry portraysto women. Several examples of prior research on this topic provided additionalcontext for study.

Maguire et al 2000 your amazing brain ..

Grey Matter i

m To find out whether changes in the brain could be detected
in those with extensive navigation experience compared to those with not.

Previous research has suggested that the role of the hippocampus is to facilitate spatial awareness (navigation) Hypothesis:

The hippocampi in taxi drivers will be
structurally different to the hippocami in
non-taxi drivers.

The dopamine hypothesis of stuttering and its treatment implications.

In 2004 we proposed the mitochondrial cascade hypothesis of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Our hypothesis assumed sporadic and autosomal dominant AD are not etiologically homogeneous, considered evidence that AD pathology is not brain-limited, and incorporated aging theory. The mitochondrial cascade hypothesis asserted: (1) inheritance determines mitochondrial baseline function and durability; (2) mitochondrial durability influences how mitochondria change with age; and (3) when mitochondrial change reaches a threshold, AD histopathology and symptoms ensue. We now review the reasoning used to formulate the hypothesis, discuss pertinent interim data, and update its tenants. Readers are invited to consider the conceptual strengths and weaknesses of this hypothesis.

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