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The file gives an overview of known shells on a Linux system:

Understand naming conventions for devices, partitioning, mounting/unmounting file systems

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The --noprofile option may be used to inhibit this behavior.

I've had a look at , and it doesn't seem to have an option for highlighting the match for the parenthesis immediately before the cursor. In short, this is what I want:

If you want to research vi/vim editing some more, here are some useful references:

The shell variable may be used to restrict the set of file names matching a pattern. If is set, each matching file name that also matches one of the patterns in is removed from the list of matches. The file names and are always ignored, even when is set. However, setting has the effect of enabling the shell option, so all other file names beginning with a will match. To get the old behavior of ignoring file names beginning with a , make one of the patterns in . The option is disabled when is unset.

This is a fancy way of saying you can abbreviate filenames.

The exact rules for how often and are executed in a patternare unspecified. In the case of a successful match you can assume thatthey DWIM and will be executed in left to right order the appropriatenumber of times in the accepting path of the pattern as would any othermeta-pattern. How non-accepting pathways and match failures affect thenumber of times a pattern is executed is specifically unspecified andmay vary depending on what optimizations can be applied to the patternand is likely to change from version to version.

Only the best match for is considered. (This is important only if has capturing parentheses, and backreferences are used somewhereelse in the whole regular expression.)

Suppose you wanted to optionally emptya file, removing all contents.

The process is run with its input or output connected to a FIFO or some file in . The name of this file is passed as an argument to the current command as the result of the expansion. If the form is used, writing to the file will provide input for . If the form is used, the file passed as an argument should be read to obtain the output of . Note that no space may appear between the signs and the left parenthesis, otherwise the construct would be interpreted as a redirection.

The Bash environment can be configured globally and on a per user basis. Various configuration files are used to fine-tune the behavior of the shell.

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  • (which is valid if the corresponding pair of parenthesesmatched);

    : The Bash Environment: initialization files, variables, quoting characters, shell expansion order, aliases, options.

  • I()]*)/g'but that would delete non-matching sets of parenthesis.

    But you have to open a file with correct extension - it's not working in new unsaved files for example.

  • You can set environment variables in your .cshrc file.

    The following is a set of additional metacharacters that provide added power to our searches:

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Using the file system table ( for instance), list local disk devices.

When the old-style backquoted form of substitution is used, backslash retains its literal meaning except when followed by , , or . The first backticks not preceded by a backslash terminates the command substitution. When using the form, all characters between the parentheses make up the command; none are treated specially.

The editing commands are similar to the ones used in the vi editor:

The additional state of being is associated withthe matched string, and is reset by each assignment to .Zero-length matches at the end of the previous match are ignoredduring .

If the () form is used, writing to the file will provide input for .

The searchpath is stored in an environment variable "PATH." You set or change the Bourne shell PATH variable using commands like:The C shell has a different syntax for setting environment variables:Notice that the tilde can be used instead of $HOME.

The abbreviation islonger than typing"file." Also - it doesn't work.

will match, and will be and will be , will notbe set. If another branch in the inner parentheses was matched, such as in thestring 'ACDE', then the and would have to be matched as well.

A vi-style line editing interface is also available.

This pattern matches nothing and causes the end of successful matching atthe point at which the pattern was encountered, regardless ofwhether there is actually more to match in the string. When inside of anested pattern, such as recursion, or in a subpattern dynamically generatedvia , only the innermost pattern is ended immediately.

editing-mode can be set to either emacs or vi.

These files contain shell options, settings for variables, function definitions and various other building blocks for creating ourselves a cosy environment.

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