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Melatonin Synthesis: An Overview

Melatonin supplements can be synthesized in a lab or extracted from a pineal gland of an animal.

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T1 - Melatonin Synthesis in Fermented Foods

The pineal gland controls circadian rhythms by releasing melatonin, a hormone produced primarily at night. Melatonin synthesis and release is primarily stimulated by darkness.

The diagram to the right shows the biosynthesis of melatonin with Lewis structures.

The hydroxyl radical is the major species mediating oxygen toxicity and with secondary reactive species itgenerates on lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. These radicals then promote a radical chain reaction that leads to celldegeneration and death. While hydroxyl doesn't commonly occur, once it is, it is hard to get rid of, hence a benefit of melatonin.

Tryptamin-, Serotonin- und Melatonin-Analoga

Preparation of Key-Intermediate Methyl 1-Benzyl-5-methoxy-1H-indole-3-acetate and the Syntheses of Serotonin, Melatonin, and Bufotenin

But what explained my own surprising return of normal menstrual cycles was an Italian study conducted by Dr. Pierpaoli that looked at perimenopausal and women age 42 to 62, evaluating the effects of a daily dose of 3 mg of synthetic melatonin over six months. That study found that the melatonin increased and improved thyroid function. The women under 50 using melatonin also had reduced (LH) and (FSH) levels as a result of the melatonin. In some of the younger women, were restored. And surprisingly, a number of women who were already postmenopausal even returned to normal menstrual cycles. Basically, according to Dr. Pierpaoli and his fellow researchers, low-dose melatonin was delaying—or in some cases, apparently reversing—characteristic endocrine changes that occur during menopause.

In his writings, Dr. Pierpaoli describes animal studies that found that older animals treated with melatonin returned to normal daily cycling of thyroid hormones. Mice who were 24 months old and treated with melatonin, 24 months is the mouse equivalent of 75 years old for humans, had ovaries that were double the size of untreated mice, suggesting more youthful sexual function. Dr. Pierpaoli also transplanted the pineal glands of aging mice into young mice, and vice versa. The young mice with the old pineal glands developed all sorts of ailments associated with aging, became less vigorous and fertile, and died far younger than normal. The old mice with the young pineal glands regrew hair, gained energy, developed a renewed sex drive, and live, on average so long that if they were people, they'd have been energetic, active, healthy and sexually active well past 100 years of age.

Melatonin Synthesis Pathway – What is the Molecular …

Bay K 8644, an agonist of the L-type channel, had no significant effect on pineal melatonin synthesis.

Once they were assured that they could detect the reaction, then they tried to use this method toinvestigate melatonin's abilities to preventing the free radical reactions from occurring, and as a comparison, they also usedtwo other well-known free radical scavengers: glutathione and mannitol. They also tested analogues of melatonin, such as5-methoxytryptamine, which are basically progenitor molecules to melatonin that our bodies make in a series of chemical changesstarting from tryptophan. (We get tryptophan from eating turkey meat, oranges or bananas). They ran six tests of differentconcentrations of each "scavenger chemical" to measure how much they inhibited the DMPO-•OH molecule from forming. Theirfigure 3 shows that melatonin provided the highest inhibition of DMPO-•OH reactions at the smallest of concentrations.

: Administered in supraphysiologic doses, the hormone melatonin may reduce blood pressure, particularly nocturnal blood pressure. However, whether lower physiologic levels of melatonin are an independent risk factor for the development of hypertension has never been reported. : We examined the association between first morning urine melatonin levels and the risk of developing hypertension among 554 young women without baseline hypertension who were followed for 8 years. Cox proportional hazards models were adjusted for age, physical activity, alcohol intake, smoking status, urinary creatinine, and family history of hypertension. : During 8 years of follow-up, a total of 125 women developed hypertension. The relative risk for incident hypertension among women in the highest quartile of urinary melatonin (>27.0 ng/mg creatinine) as compared with the lowest quartile (: First morning melatonin levels are independently and inversely associated with incident hypertension; low melatonin production may be a pathophysiologic factor in the development of hypertension.

T1 - Melatonin synthesis in the retina and pineal gland of djungarian hamsters at different times of the year
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Melatonin Receptor Pathway – What is the Molecular …

The half life of melatonin is roughly 20 minutes in the bloodstream, so it is released immediately rather than stored. TPOH enzyme activity does increase at night, while the AAAD and HIOMT run continuously, however it is AANAT that is significantly regulated by circadian rhythms. This is in part because serotonin is a branch point for multiple other neurotransmitters synthetic pathways, and ASMT performs the O-methylation step for all of these as well. In rats, the concentration of melatonin increases by a factor of 10 in the pineal gland from day to night time, and by a factor of 5-10 in blood plasma. (4)

Melatonin Synthesis in Fermented Foods — UT Health …

Serotonin's conversion to melatonin involvestwo enzymes that are characteristic of the pineal : SNAT (serotonin-N-acetyltransferase)which converts the serotonin to N-acetylserotonin, and HIOMT (hydroxyindole-O-methyltrasferase)which trasfers a methyl group from S-adenosylmethionine to the 5-hydroxylof the N-acetylserotonin.

Melatonin Synthesis by an Ectopic Pinealoma — NEJM

Adaptation to a changing environment is an essential feature of physiological regulation. The day-night rhythm is translated into hormonal oscillations governing the metabolism of all living organisms. In mammals the pineal gland is responsible for the synthesis of the hormone melatonin in response to signals originating from the endogenous clock located in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). The molecular mechanisms involved in rhythmic synthesis of melatonin involve the cAMP response element modulator (crem) gene, which encodes transcription factors responsive to activation of the cAMP signalling pathway. The CREM product, inducible cAMP early repressor (ICER), is rhythmically expressed and participates in a transcriptional autoregulatory loop that also controls the amplitude of oscillations of 5-HT N-acetyl transferase, the rate-limiting enzyme of melatonin synthesis. Thus, a transcription factor modulates the oscillatory levels of a hormone.

Melatonin and serotonin in psychiatric and brain disorders

Melatonin is synthesized using a four step pathway from it’s precursor: Tryptophan. Dietary tryptophan is absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated through the body. In the pineal gland, it is hydroxylated by TPOH to 5-hydroxy-Trp in the mitochondria, then decarboxylated by AADC in the pineal cytosol. This intermediate is called serotonin, another important neurotransmitter. There, serotonin can be used, can continue to either melatonin synthesis, or go through other metabolic pathways. For melatonin synthesis, 5-HT is acetylated on its free amine by AANAT, then O-methylated on the hydroxyl group by ASMT to form the final product of melatonin. (4)

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