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My first task is finding a surgeon that I trust to perform the en bloc explant. I don’t trust any MD who performs silicone breast augmentation to do an explant. It is an obvious violation of the Hippocratic oath. Are there any surgeons who perform explants who do not perform breast augmentation?

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Had leaking breast implants removed 5 years ago. Some tissue excised from one breast as well as nearly total mastectomy to remove mess from leaking implants. After 1 year surgeon put in tissue expander. Slowly filled expanders with saline for one year. Silicone implants put in. Within month or two observed rash that resembled bug bites on lower legs. Dermatologist said I had cellulitis. Backs of both hands became very red and thin skinned. Knuckles got large. Hands were swollen. I was 66 and figured it was an age thing. Lower back started aching. Asked doctor if I was getting rheumatism. He said no. Said I had arthritis. Told him I couldn’t walk without pain. Gave me Mobic prescription for pain. It only helps a little. Now have pain with every step I take. Am losing muscle in both legs and upper arms. Can now hear bones click in my back, hips, and knees. Can barely pick up my feet. Skin has purple color at times. Dr. called it purpura I think. Discovered your web site. Would have implants removed right away if I could be sure that they are my problem. Mother and Father and siblings and daughters as well as myself have always been very healthy. Please help.

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Hi I am in Utah. I have scleroderrma which i had before surgery but not dx’ed until after. THESE symptoms you explain are also consistent with scleroderma and I have heard that some people acquire scleroderma FROM implants. I had a bilateral mastectomy with gummy bear solid silicone reconstruction. The last few days have been different symptom wise. My left breast is super swollen and tender. It spreads to under my arm pit. IThis surgery was only a little over a year ago. I have a feeling these will have to be removed. I wont have any breasts afterward. im really freaking out!

I had my implants in 1990. Silicone, as back then was all they used. 4 days ago, my insurance company finally agreed to removal. My doctor informed me that I had severe calcification and had to have surrounding breast tissue removed. I have very little natural breast tissue. . Honestly the doctor should’ve performed a mastectomy. I am in shock. I have several symptoms of implant illness, most doctors have said my symptoms are in my head.

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I will definitely have them removed as soon as I can. I see the doctor in about a month for a consult. I was wondering if women ever have a mastectomy while having an explant if breast cancer is in the family on the maternal side. I am ready to just be done with breasts altogether. I would hate to have the implants removed and down the line be told I have breast cancer and have to have a mastectomy later. Especially with silicone in my body for years and years, I would think my cancer chances are a little higher. Just wanted to ask if this is something that women do too, appreciate your feedback.

My silicone breast implant in 1982 followed a mastectomy for breast cancer. I had it removed in 1990. IAs you know, there is no way to remove, or for the body to clear itself, of the residual silicone gel. I am now 85 years old. I am willing to share my story of 27 years of coping with silicone if anyone is interested. It has recently become an issue when cortisone (steroid) eye drops were prescribed during recovery from cataract surgery. In those 27 years I have not met a single doctor who believes or will even consider, that our bodies are affected in any way by silicone!

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I had silicone breast implants when they first came on the market in the 1960’s. I won’t go into my long medical history, but just want to say not get breast implants, even if they are the saline. You body will react to a foreign object, no matter what, and you have no way of knowing what that reaction will be. I had my implants replaced several times, due to encapsulation, rupture, infection, and finally beast cancer. I had breast cancer twice, and a left breast mastectomy, which is the side I had the first infection and rupture in. I also suffered from chronic pain and discomfort, and my entire body was painful and sensitive to the touch, and I was tired and irritable all time. I have been cancer-free for 10 years. Your life is too important to worry about what size your breasts are. Just be grateful if you are in good health, and be happy with what God gave you.

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I had a dble mastectomy in 2013 with silicone implants. I have suffered spinal stenosis and chronic anxiety, hearing loss and headaches prior. However, since the surgery I experience basically all the symptoms. The issue is I have also been tested for lyme and have been diagnosed with chronic late stage lyme, meaning I have had in my system for over 30 years. Dr’s say that the lyme haw progressed. Also, I never new you were not to have surgery (unless life-threatening) when you have lyme. Lyme can lay dormant but surface at any time, especially when the body is put under stress. Therefore I am at a loss as to which are causing my issues: the lyme, the implants or a combo of both. The Dr who did my surgery says my issues having nothing to do with the implants. Today, I noticed a rash on my left breast/implant. I have been on antibiotics for the lyme now (off and on) for over a year. Any imput would be helpful. Thank you.

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If your PS will not take your implants out and insists on replacing them, WALK OUT! You are not with the right surgeon!!!
Explant surgery with fat transfer on August 9. I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2004 with silicone implants… First rupture in 2009-replaced them and now feels as if there may be another. I am very sick and praying that this is the answer, IT JUST HAS TO BE!

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Huge domes the color of creamy coffee swelled from her chest, cresting high above her raised eyes
even when flattened slightly by gravity while she lay on her back. In this posture the smooth
mounds spread out almost twice as wide as the girl's shortened ribcage, shadowing her arms
though with their spongy new firmness they did not droop enough to weigh upon the
strapped limbs. Just beyond their sweeping horizons she could see her puffy new areolae rising,
topped with brown nubs the size of her smallest finger-joint. Her nips had been bound at their bases
with golden bands; matching gold rings an inch and a half in diameter passed through the bands and,
she assumed, the nipples they hugged.

When she was tipped upright the oversized glands slid down her frame slightly but jutted even
further before her, taking on the shape of mammoth, bouncy pears that overhung her tiny waist,
while the erect bound nipples poked out into space more than a foot in front her upper abdomen. As
she walked she noticed the twin melons held their shape better now that their liquid plastic filling
had been transformed into foamy jelly. The weighty jugs still swayed and wobbled but at least
behaved a little more predictably, and with Ruta's help the girl adjusted her stride to match their
oscillations. As she shook and jiggled down the hall she felt quite ridiculous, like some erotic
cartoon come to life. But Ruta left her little time for reflection, constantly nudging her gently with
the crop to correct imperfections in her movements and teach her new subtleties.

The rib removal and waist reduction caused considerable pain when the girl resumed her flexibility
sessions, and her middle felt so narrow that she was worried her backbone might break when Ruta
used her weight and leverage to flex it. But as time passed and she endured several sessions
without snapping in half the worry passed, and as her internal organs shifted and adapted the
vise-like constriction she'd felt upon waking eased to a bearable tightness.

When Ruta flexed Jasmine's spine forward on the mat, she had to guide the huge tit-pillows to
either side where they ballooned outwards as the girl's face was pressed down towards her crotch.
In this position the trainee got a close-up look at the changes that had been made to her privates.

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