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Catapult C/C++/SystemC HLS - Mentor Graphics

In August 2011, Catapult C Synthesis was sold by Mentor Graphics to Calypto.

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11/05/2010 · Catapult C Synthesis: ..

Catapult C Synthesis, an product of , is a tool,sometimes called algorithmic synthesis or ESL synthesis. Catapult Ctakes untimed ANSI C/C++ and selected SystemC inputs and generates (RTL)code targeted to and .

Consult Mentor Graphics's Catapult C Synthesis brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/4

Other high-level synthesis approaches "wrap" the untimed C++ algorithm in a timed interface, resulting in a pseudo-timed source that is hard-coded to the hardware interface. The Catapult C Synthesis tool contains a patent-pending synthesis technology that allows the untimed C++ source to remain completely independent of the hardware interface. With this innovative technology, designers can quickly analyze performance tradeoffs, for instance, between single-port versus dual-port memory. Rather than wasting silicon area, designers can use interface synthesis to exactly match the hardware resources to the available bandwidth of the target interface. Designers can also switch from one interface to another by simply changing the constraint in the intuitive user interface. As a result, the same source code can be used for multiple purposes such as a single-port memory, streaming data, or a complex advanced microcontroller bus architecture (AMBA) bus.

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Mentor Graphics Catapult C Adds SystemC Synthesis …

Dr. Sarah Richardson grew up in west Baltimore. She earned a B.S. in biology from the University of Maryland in 2004 and a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University in 2011. She was awarded a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship to pursue research on algorithms for the design of synthetic nucleotide sequences and the engineering and assembly of a synthetic yeast genome. Sarah joined the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2012 as a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in Genomics at the DOE Joint Genome Institute and the DOE Joint Bioenergy Institute to work on massive scale synthetic biology projects and the genomics of non-model bacteria. In 2015 she was awarded a Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program fellowship and a L’Oréal Women in Science Postdoctoral fellowship. She is now a cofounder of MicroByre, a company dedicated to the domestication of non-model bacteria.

He is now setting out into the exciting world of start-ups as the CEO and Lead Technologist for Immense Simulations Ltd., the first spin-out from the Transport Systems Catapult. He retains a role as Lead Technologist for Modelling and Visualisation at the TSC, a secondment role to the Science and Research team at the UK Department for Transport and is an Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London.

Mentor Graphics Forges TLM Synthesis Link Between …

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Divyaraj Desai is a Member of the Research Staff in the Energy Systems and Materials group at PARC. His areas of expertise include electrochemical systems for energy storage, electrochemical sensors, solid-state ion transport, desalination and high-temperature systems. At PARC, Divyaraj has contributed to the development of an intermediate-temperature hydrocarbon fuel cell to directly produce electricity from natural gas, an ambient pressure electrochemical seawater desalination system, an intermediate-temperature ammonia synthesis process. Recently, his idea for a CO2 removal system for improving building efficiency and occupant health was selected by the California Clean Energy fund (CALCEF) for a seedling award.

Matt is an accomplished executive with a strong background in the rapid growth and early commercialization phases of technology companies. Prior to co-founding Benson Hill Biosystems, he was the President of the Agricultural Biotechnology Division and Senior Vice President at Intrexon Corporation (NYSE:XON), a leading synthetic biology company. In addition to launching the company’s agbiotech efforts, Matt worked with Intrexon for more than five years, serving in multiple executive roles and on its Board of Directors. Prior to formally joining Intrexon in early 2011, Matt was a Managing Director at Third Security, LLC, a globally recognized venture capital firm. During his time there, Matt focused on corporate development and worked closely with numerous private and public companies in the life science and technology sectors, as well as with NewVa Capital Partners, LP, an early-stage private equity fund focused on investments in southwestern Virginia. He also served on numerous boards of companies representing first-in-class and best-in-class technologies and led the firm’s west coast operations from 2008 until 2011. Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Radford University, where he currently serves on the College of Business and Economics Advisory Council and on the Radford University Foundation Board of Directors as its President.

Mentor Graphics extends Catapult C synthesis product
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    Catapult HLS - Mentor Graphics

  • Mentor catapult c synthesis essay

    Mentor graphics catapult c synthesis essay ..

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    ST certifies Mentor Catapult C Synthesis Libraries

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Catapult C Synthesis - CB Insights

Catapult C supports SystemC model generation intended forvirtual platforms, and a SystemC test environment to verify thegenerated RTL against the original C++ using the original C++testbench.

Mentor Graphics Catapult C Synthesis 2008 license crack

In June 2009, Mentor announced that it enhanced Catapult C withthe ability to synthesize control logic, create power-optimized RTLnetlists, with automatic multi-level clock gating, and an automatedverification flow to enable a debug of the RTL against the originalC++ input.

SYNTHESIS: Tool catapults to subsystem design | …

In January 2009, Mentor announced an integration betweenCatapult C and its Vista SystemC design and simulation environmentto automatically generate transaction-level models (TLM). In thisprocess, the untimed ANSI C++ input to Catapult is encapsulated ina TLM wrapper; timing information is extracted from the synthesisresults and back-annotated in the resulting model. The flow iscompatible with the TLM-2.0 standard from the Open SystemCInitiative (OSCI).

Mentor, Calypto, Catapult: is this an omen? | Embedded

In 2006, Mentor announced Catapult SL (System Level) forautomatically creating signal processing subsystems. Catapult SLcould coordinate the partitioning of sequential C operations intomultiple blocks within the subsystem, including partitioning intomultiple clock domains. Catapult SL automatically insertsappropriate inter-block channels and memory buffers to assemble thesub-system.

Mentor, Calypto, Catapult: is this ..

In 2005, Mentor announced extensions to Catapult C toautomatically create SystemC transaction-level models and wrappers,for simulation of the design in verification environmentssupporting SystemC. Mentor also introduced interface synthesis tomap the data transfer implied by passing of C++ function argumentsto hardware interfaces such as wires, registers, handshakedregisters, memories, buses or more complex user-definedinterfaces.

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