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Yves Chauvin - Nobel Lecture: Olefin Metathesis: The …

Olefin metathesis is being used all over the place, from polymers to pharmaceuticals.

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Ru(II)-Catalyzed Ring Closing Metathesis in Stereoselective Spiroannulations and Cascade Reactions of Cyclic Dipeptide Substrates,"
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Olefin metathesis is an organic reaction that entails the redistribution of ..

In 1971, Chauvin and fellow researcher Jean-Louis Hérisson at the Institut Français du Pétrol published an article in proposing the formation of a metallacyclobutane by the reaction of an alkylidene and an olefin. The mechanistic proposal for olefin metathesis was one of a series of proposals that appeared in the literature during that time, but many of the others have been disproven. Chauvin’s findings in this paper led to further developments by Robert Grubbs and Richard Schrock and, ultimately, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Olefin Metathesis Dance!! - Chauvins Mechanism - YouTube

Chauvin was the first to work out how a metathesis reaction runs, even though people didn’t have a very good way of doing the chemistry.

The subject of the 2005 Nobel Prize was a popular and useful molecular rearrangement known as metathesis. While Yves Chauvin helped to decipher the mechanism, Robert H. Grubbs and Richard R. Schrock made breakthroughs in discovering transition-metal catalysts to do the trick.

Grubbs is known for his work in alkene metathesis, a reaction which allows chemists to selectively break certain bonds in molecules and then reassemble the pieces into new molecules. In this way, a molecule can be custom-built with specialized properties. Commercial applications of this method include more efficient preparations of drugs for the treatment of disease and better electrical conducting properties for specialized plastics.

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“This year’s Nobel Prize Laureates in chemistry have made metathesis into one of organic chemistry’s most important reactions.”

In addition, Grubbs’ technology enabled the conversion of bulk bio renewable organic compounds into fuels and commodity chemicals. He is now pioneering clever applications of olefin metathesis reactions. His recent investigations include the synthesis of insect pheromones as environmentally-friendly pest control agents, the construction of polymeric vapor sensing devices, and the preparations of customized lenses and treatments for various ocular disorders, biomedical adhesives and thin films, and drug delivery and molecular imaging agents.

(This Ring-Closing Metathesis process became an instant fad within the organic chemistry community during the mid-1990s, with everyone trying it out to see what it could do.) And you can run the process in reverse – if you have a ring with an alkene in it, the reaction can break it open into two separate ones.
“Big deal”, you might say.

Deciphering the process of metathesis: Awards: Nobel Prize in Chemistry ..
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‘he attributes the metathesis of the last two sounds to the Creole ..

Yves Chauvin, one of the “metathesis greats,” passed away on January 27, 2015 at the age of 84. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005, Chauvin was a key player in proposing the of the generally accepted metathesis mechanism that serves as the foundation for the design of the carbene pre-catalysts we use today.

Olefin Metathesis - UW-Madison Chemistry

In 2005, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Yves Chauvin, Robert H. Grubbs, and Richard R. Schrock “for the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis.”

Multiple Metal—Carbon Bonds for Catalytic Metathesis Reactins ..

“In 1971 Yves Chauvin was able to explain in detail how metathesis reactions function and what types of metal compound act as catalysts in the reactions. Now the “recipe” was known. Richard Schrock was the first to produce an efficient metal-compound catalyst for metathesis. This was in 1990. Two years later Robert Grubbs developed an even better catalyst, stable in air, that has found many applications.”

Discovery of olefin metathesis College paper Help

“Metathesis is used daily in the chemical industry, mainly in the development of pharmaceuticals and of advanced plastic materials. Thanks to the Laureates’ contributions, synthesis methods have been developed that are more efficient (fewer reaction steps, fewer resources required, less wastage), simpler to use (stable in air, at normal temperatures and pressures) and environmentally friendlier (non-injurious solvents, less hazardous waste products).”

Metathesis nobel prize - Homework Academic Service

“This represents a great step forward for “green chemistry”, reducing potentially hazardous waste through smarter production. Metathesis is an example of how important basic science has been applied for the benefit of man, society and the environment.”

Press Release: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005

Materia CEO Michael Giardello commented that he “had the pleasure to meet Chauvin in 2005 during Nobel week. He made important contributions early on to the mechanism and initial understanding of olefin metathesis.” As practitioners of olefin metathesis, we have all benefited from Chauvin’s scientific contributions to the field as well as his insights into the connections between academia and industry. Prof. Robert Grubbs put it simply: “He was a quiet, humble man, who showed us the way.”

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