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Graphic designer who created a television-antenna-themed Chinese font in 2012 called . [] []

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MFA in Graphic Design - Print Magazine

With the Master of Fine Arts Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts, you can join our faculty and students in continuously rethinking graphic design by considering the role of design in the larger culture, the relationships between designers and their work, and the nature of education in design.

MFA in Graphic Design has lined up three amazing guests for our upcoming residency, specializing...

Understanding the role of graphic design within a pluralistic society and a cross-cultural context are essential components of a graduate design education. The power of design thinking identifies challenges, frames opportunities, manages complex situations, generates approaches, creates deeper understanding, and shapes meaningful experiences.

Athens and Ohio University provide a peaceful and comfortable environment that serves as an incubator for thinking and making. The Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design at Ohio University is a three-year program that allows a balance of rigorous professional work as well as social experiences. For those seeking a place as a refuge for graduate research in design, it is optimal.

MFA Thesis: Designing Graphic Design Pedagogies on …

The following schedule is typical for the MFA Program in the School of Art + Design:

Although the School of Art provides digital lab facilities, all graphic design students are expected to have their own personal computer for use in their studio work space. Each student has a designated work space in the design studio loft and has access to bookbinding materials and workshops, and to printing and digital work spaces in the School of Art and the Digital Media Center for the Arts. In addition, students draw on the extraordinary resources of Yale University courses, conferences, films, lectures, and museums, and especially the extensive reasearch and rare book collections of Sterling and Beinecke libraries.

Each year, up to ten students are admitted into the two-year graphic design program, and up to seven students are admitted into the preliminary-year program. Two-year program students are expected to have substantial and distinguished experience in visual studies and related professional experience. Students applying to the preliminary-year program typically have relevant experience in a field of study outside design and demonstrate evidence of visual acuity. After successful completion of the preliminary year, these students automatically continue on in the two-year M.F.A. program.

Universal Essay: Mfa Thesis Graphic Design 100% …

Graphic designer in Shanghai, who created the Latin techno typeface  (2012). . [] []

• 7 credits of discretionary electives, (electives are selected in consultation with faculty, 4 credits written thesis is requested of all graphic design MFA students)

Content will vary as per the MFA candidate’s topic. Regardless of topic, the MFA in Graphic Design’s thesis is identified in the following way. The thesis consists of two components: Visual and Written. How the thesis is presented can be decided by the student depending on audience and intention in consultation with their committee. Whichever final format the research takes, it needs to be submitted in TAD (Thesis and Dissertation) format to the committee.

Beijing, China-based desiogner of the Chinese calligraphic brush font Feiyun (2017). . [] []
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  • EDUCATION MFA in Graphic Design, Yale University

    Graphic designer in Shanghai, China, who created the Chinese typeface Fufeng in 2016. [] []

  • MFA Thesis: Inter/ra Text | Stapko Design

    Ying Zhihan (Hangzhou, China) designed the calligraphically drawn oriental simulation typeface (2014). [] []

  • Virginia Sasser Graphic Design MFA Thesis 2010 MICA

    My thesis exhibition for my MFA with an emphasis in graphic design at SDSU ran from April 19-April 30 of 2015

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MFA in Graphic Design » Academics | Boston University

During his graphic design studies in Beijing, China, Luo Haozhen created the Latin typefaces Insane Display (2016) and Sleigh (2015). He also created Suiyen (2013), a Chinese font that combines elements of the ancient oracle bone script with modern Chinese. [] []

16/01/2018 · MFA in Graphic Design

Chinese-born graphic designer who studied in Leipzig, Germany in the early 1960's and graduated in 1962. He is credited with Freundschaft (Typoart, 1962) and Chinese Roman. These typefaces can be found in Jaspert's book and in Hildegard Korger's . [] []


Speaker at on . In that presentation, she spoke about Tanaka Ikko (1930-2000), the Japanese grand master of graphic design, and emphasized his encounter with typography. [] []

Fall 2017 Graphic Design Thesis Website Launched | VCFA

Kenji Wai Chang was raised In Macau. In 2006, Kenji moved to the United States to study graphic design at San Jose State University. Her typeface (2012) is based on Salvador Dali's paintings. [] []

MFA Graphic Design Thesis Project – Jana Heyer MFA …

A consultant in Berkeley, CA, who created a font in 1993 for Tangut, an extinct Tibeto-Burman language written in an ideographic script of about 6,000 characters which superficially resembles Chinese, while he was a visiting researcher at Vakgroep Verglijkende Taalwettenschappen, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. Co-developer in 1993 of the phonetic font , based on an original bitmap designed by Stephen P. Baron in the late eighties. [] []

MFA Graphic Design Thesis Project

Designer of the handwriting typeface (2004), created via Fontifier. She also made the handwritten Chinese typeface Jalligraphy02 this way. [] []

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