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but each monomer and polymer reaction is specific ..

These monomers combine to form a polymer molecule, whereas the hydroxyl and hydrogen atom combine to form water molecule.

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(Nylon products include hosiery, parachutes, and ropes.) Example 2:
A carboxylic acid monomer and an alcohol monomer can join in an ester linkage.
Because the monomers above are all joined by ester linkages, the polymer chain is a polyester.

Once they polymerize into dimers, trimers, and so on, the monomers will turn black.

If you imagine that the polymers in the simulation are polyamides (like nylon-6,6), then the monomer has one carboxylic acid group and one alcohol group (picture the dimer you saw in Example 1 in the previous section).

but each monomer and polymer reaction is specific for its class

Notice that at the beginning of the polymerization, the distribution lies farther to the right, meaning that there are a lot of monomers, dimers, trimers, and other short chains but few long chains.

(PET is used to make soft-drink bottles, magnetic tape, and many other plastic products.) Let's summarize:
As difunctional monomers join with amide and ester linkages, polyamides and polyesters are formed, respectively.

Differences Between a Monomer and a Polymer | …

For example, A- OH B- H AB HOH. Word origin: dehydrate : to lose or remove water Latin, synthesis : composition Compare: hydrolysis. See also: condensation, monomer, polymer, water, chemical bond.

Example 1:
A carboxylic acid monomer and an amine monomer can join in an amide linkage.
As before, a water molecule is removed, and an amide linkage is formed.

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