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NewPath’s Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Curriculum Learning Module provides a complete set of visual, digital and hands-on resources designed to support teacher instruction and provide students with the skills to master key concepts on Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration. $130 value for ONLY $99.95!Used in combination or individually, your students will gain thorough comprehension from an engaging blend of technology-based instruction, interactive print resources, game-based learning and a hands-on lab investigation.

Multimedia Case Methods in Science Teacher Education

The Multimedia Lessons incorporate research-based instructional strategies providing students with the most up-to-date and effective means to learn. Each lesson is aligned to key state and national educational standards – including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) – and includes a comprehensive array of narrated animated tutorials, interactive activities, virtual investigations, engaging visual resources, illustrated vocabulary terms, and assessments – along with a digital student study guide!

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Courseware can be called learning, teaching and course materials which is something important in ICT world today in helping the learners to improve their knowledge and skills. As a need or Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM), the paper will explain rationale behind the project development for Interactive Agent Pedagogical Agent on Photosynthesis for School Kids age 10-12 years old. The explanation is about the early stage development until implementation stage. The objectives for this courseware is to integrate multimedia element to help learners more understanding and to improve the technique of learning from books to courseware where combining the teaching concept through this courseware. This courseware will be used for school kids' age 10-12 years old and will be developed using Macromedia Flash 8 as a stage in developing and presenting in Windows platform. Interactive Animated Pedagogical Agent on Photosynthesis for School Kids will be developed based on the syllabus of Minister of Education which it focuses on the science topic which is Photosynthesis. The topic will be presented in 3 modules which are the introduction of the photosynthesis, how it works and the process happen during photosynthesis. To built this courseware. The explanation is focus on ADDIE model as it will be used as methodology because there are including fives phases which are analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. The explanation also about the beginning of the project, the collection data is recognized by doing the fact and finding based on domain that related to the topic which is courseware. In this project, hardware and software requirement also will be explained. After that, designing storyboard will be produced and the interface will be documented in this paper at the explanation in design phase. After project being implemented, the testing will do to get the feedback from the user.

The mam objective of this project 1s to develop a simulation of photosynthesis for Biology student from matriculation in 3D environment and create better visualization of photosynthesis process and as educational aids. Commonly, base on conventional methods, Biology lecturer uses slide presentation, transparency, text book or other material to describe the whole process to their students. Unfortunately, not everybody have the ability to imagine or visualize the process. It is due to students who have weak imagination to imagine the complex process. Hopefully, this simulation can help student to understand the process easily. Multimedia Production Process used as a methodology to build this simulation because it has three stages which are Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Furthermore, this 3D simulation includes all multimedia elements for example text, video, audio, animation and graphic. In this project, hardware and software requirement are also will be explained. Once project being implemented, the testing will be conducted to get the feedback from the user.

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Biology lesson plans, labs, activities, experiments, and projects for high school life science teachers. Free NGSS Life Science curriculum

Photosynthesis raises a number of challenges for teachers. Plant science is, in general, under-represented in high school and undergraduate courses (Hershey 1992), and often receives a poor response, especially from students enrolled in biomedical type courses (who cry 'plants are boring'). Aware of the central role of this process in biology, teachers struggle, nevertheless, to promote the relevance and importance of photosynthesis to their students. Photosynthesis is also a conceptually difficult topic, which spans several disciplines (biophysics, biochemistry, ecophysiology) and organisational levels (molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems). Because of these problems of relevance and difficulty, major misconceptions often persist in students' understanding of photosynthesis. In addition to these major misconceptions, students may become familiar with words and descriptions of processes such as electron transport, light harvesting, oxygen evolution and carbon fixation, but may have only a very shallow, and in some cases, flawed understanding of what these processes really are. Although they may be able to develop these concepts sufficiently to pass examinations at lower educational levels, their 'literacy' in this area is likely to remain at a low level (Uno and Bybee 1994), and they may have to 'unlearn' and relearn this material at higher levels, as flaws in their understanding begin to compromise their progress in this area.

Multi-Computer/Single Building License: Allows installation of the Multimedia Lesson on an unlimited number of computers within a single school building.

Photosynthesis & Respiration Multimedia Lesson The Perfect Complement to Any Life Science or Biology Curriculum
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