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Simple Use of Parentheses: Multiplying & Dividing - …

(multiplying through) a set of parentheses in order to simplify a given expression

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Exponent properties with parentheses (video) | Khan Academy

Youcannot combine things in parentheses (or other grouping symbols) with thingsoutside the parentheses. Think of parentheses as opaque—the stuff inside theparentheses can’t “see” the stuff outside the parentheses. If there is somefactor multiplying the parentheses, then the only way to get rid of theparentheses is to multiply using the distributive law.

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Each of the expression inside the parenthesis is a polynomial that is given a special name known as a monomial because it contains one term. To get the product of these monomials, we will multiply the coefficients and the variables separately, and then put them together to arrive at the final answer.

Math Help? Multiplying exponents in parenthesis.? | …

Multiplying exponents in parenthesis by Stephanie …

The expression inside the second parenthesis is a binomial because it is a polynomial with exactly two terms. The approach here is to apply the distributive property of multiplication over addition. In other words, we are going to take the monomial and multiply it through the two terms of the given binomial, .

A special case is when a minus sign appears in front of parentheses. Atfirst glance, it looks as though there is no factor multiplying theparentheses, and you may be tempted to just remove the parentheses. What youneed to remember is that the minus sign indicating subtraction should always bethought of as adding the opposite. This means that you want to add the oppositeof the entire thing inside the parentheses, and so you have to change the signof each term in the parentheses. Another way of looking at it is to imagine animplied factor of one in front of the parentheses. Then the minus sign makesthat factor into a negative one, which can be multiplied by the distributivelaw:

Multiply the parenthesis using FOIL to double ..

the exponent outside the parenthesis with every exponent ..

The distributiveproperty also allows us to remove parentheses. To remove parentheses, multiplythe factor outside the parentheses by all the terms inside the parentheses, andadd the products.

Solving Inequalities with Fractions and Parentheses
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