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Natural selection viewed as logical extension of widely-accepted nebular hypothesis

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Not surprisingly, a number of the early proponents of Darwinism appealed to the successful accommodation of the nebular hypothesis to justifying accepting organic evolution. Brown University biologist A. S. Packard, for example, noted that the acceptance of the nebular hypothesis led almost directly to the question of “whether plants and animals share in their process of evolution.” Numerous others, scientists and clergy alike, made much the same point. For such people, as geologist Clarence King observed, Darwinism was simply the last link in the chain of evolution that began with the nebular hypothesis.

These protoplanetary disks span about 0.14 light years and are probably similarto the Solar Nebula.

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It is thought that the Solar System formed according to what isknown as the Nebular Hypothesis.

Lecture 13: The Nebular Theory of the origin of the Solar System

At the risk of oversimplifying a complex historical narrative, I would like to argue that the history of evolution did not begin in 1859 with Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species,” but with the publication in 1796 of Pierre Simon Laplace’s so-called nebular hypothesis. In 1798, Laplace, a distinguished French mathematician and astronomer, first suggested that the planets were created from the atmosphere of the sun, which, because of its heat, originally extended beyond the orbit of the most distant planet. As this atmosphere condensed, it abandoned a succession of rings—similar to those of Saturn—in the plane of the sun’s equator. These rings then coalesced to form the various planets, similar to the way satellites or moons developed from planetary atmospheres.

Later, after William Herschel, a German-born British astronomer discovered interstellar clouds of dust and gas, called nebulae, Laplace argued that the primitive condition of the solar system resembled a slowly rotating hot nebula. This speculation attracted little attention in the English-speaking world before the 1830s, when several books brought it to the attention of the reading public. It featured significantly as the beginning of the evolutionary account in the sensational “Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation” (1844), an anonymous work that introduced the idea of evolution, inorganic and organic, to tens of thousands of readers.

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The Solar Nebular Hypothesis can be backed up as true by looking at the order of the planets and what elements they contain and their gravitational fields.

But one widely accepted called the Nebular Hypothesis first introduced by Emanuel Swedenborg then later further work on by Immanuel Kant and Pierre Simon De Laplace in the 1700s....

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    The inclusionsare aluminum-rich minerals that formed first in the solar nebula.

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    These rocks are called and provide valuable information about the primordial solar nebula.

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Boyer and the Nebula Hypothesis
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who's currently basic science and physics.
Boyer and Nebular Hypothesis
Story of a machine that can travel through other dimension

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