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Stable and Controllable Neural Texture Synthesis and …

Steward O and Schuman EM (2001) Protein synthesis at synaptic sites on dendrites. Annual Review of Neuroscience 24: 299–325.

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NEURAL SYNTHESIS Nos. 6-9 - • Lovely Music

Neurons exhibit extensive and compartmentalised arbours of axons and dendrites, which place unique demands on the timing and location of protein synthesis.

Here, we show that this spontaneous neural fate requires retinoic acid (RA) synthesis.

Wells DG, Richter JD and Fallon JR (2000) Molecular mechanisms for activity‐regulated protein synthesis in the synapto‐dendritic compartment. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 10: 132–137.

Protein Synthesis in Neurons - eLS: Essential for Life …

We show that subnanomolar concentrations of RA restore neuroectodermal differentiation when RA synthesis is blocked.

Formation of neural progenitors is inhibited by removing vitA from the medium, by inhibiting the enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of RA, or by inhibiting RA receptors.

Recently, motivated by the success of Deep Neural Networks in speechrecognition, some neural network based research attempts have been triedsuccessfully on improving the performance of statistical parametric basedspeech generation/synthesis.

David Tudor - Neural Synthesis Nos. 6-9 (CD, Album) at …

Osterweil EK, Krueger DD, Reinhold K and Bear MF (2010) Hypersensitivity to mGluR5 and ERK1/2 leads to excessive protein synthesis in the hippocampus of a mouse model of fragile X syndrome. Journal of Neuroscience 30(46): 15616–15627.

Oppenheim RW, Prevette D, Tytell M and Homma S(1990) Naturally occurring and induced neuronal death in the chick embryo in vivo requires protein and RNA synthesis: evidence for the role of cell death genes. Developmental Biology 138(1): 104–113.

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    Protein Synthesis in Neurons

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    27/03/2014 · Large-Scale Synthesis of Functional Spiking Neural ..

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    Neurosynth is a platform for large-scale, automated synthesis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data.

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In the adult brain, neurons rapidly communicate through specialised contacts called synapses. The strength of communication at a synapse can be modified as a function of its past use. These changes are mediated, in part, by the local protein synthesis at the synapse.

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Neurons are immensely complex cells whose morphology and physiology underpin our cognition. Achieving proper neuronal connections during development, as well as eliciting appropriate responses to environmental stimuli in the adult, requires precisely regulated protein synthesis. To meet these requirements, neurons have adapted regulatory mechanisms that act at every step in the process of producing functional proteins. Many of these mechanisms target messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)‐binding proteins and ribosomal subunits to regulate translational initiation. These mechanisms are especially concentrated at synapses, where they act to transform transient electrical signals into lasting functional modifications that are a basis for learning and memory. Misregulated synaptic protein synthesis contributes to several human cognitive changes including addiction, fragile X syndrome and autism.

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This recording combines the art of music, the engineering of electronics, and the inspiration of biology. In it, David Tudor orchestrates electronic sound in ways analogous to our biological bodies' orchestration of consciousness. The performance originates from a neural-network synthesizer conceived and built especially for Tudor. He surrounds this synthesizer with his own unique collection of electronic devices, and in the recording on this CD made for headphone playback, he uses a new binaural technique for translating sound into out-of-head localizations in which sound seems to originate from specific, changing points within a space around the listener.

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Casadio A, Martin KC, Giustetto M et al. (1999) A transient, neuron‐wide form of CREB‐mediated long‐term facilitation can be stabilized at specific synapses by local protein synthesis. Cell 99(2): 221–237.

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