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The proper modeling of irregular voice in speech synthesis can contribute to the development of personalized,

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Mathematical and Natural Sciences

It is shown that the best prediction technique achieves a promising performance comparable to what is carried out with the creaky detection algorithm on which HMMs were trained.},
keywords = {Contextual Factors, Creaky voice, Expressive Speech, Speech synthesis}

Noise removal, even when it degrades natural speech quality, improves the synthetic voice.

Intermediate level, emphasizing high-quality image synthesis algorithms and systems issues in rendering. Topics include: Reyes and advanced rasterization, including motion blur and depth of field; ray tracing and physically based rendering; Monte Carlo algorithms for rendering, including direct illumination and global illumination; path tracing and photon mapping; surface reflection and light source models; volume rendering and subsurface scattering; SIMD and multi-core parallelism for rendering. Written assignments and programming projects. Prerequisite: 248 or equivalent. Recommended: Fourier analysis or digital signal processing.

Computer Science | Stanford University

With this speech synthesizer one can convert any Hungarian text to human speech, but irregular voice is still not modeled here.

From subjective evaluations we analyse how the grapheme-based aligner and/or the proposed VAD technique impact the quality of HMM-based speech synthesisers trained on audiobooks.},
keywords = {audiobook, HMM-based speech synthesis, lightly supervised, voice activity detection}

Introduction to human visual perception – visual system, eye, constancy, continuation, shadows; Graphics pipeline; Mathematical foundations – sets, functions, coordinates, operations on coordinates, intersections, triangles, polygons; Introduction to OpenGL and WebGL; Shaders – vertex, fragment, GLSL; Transformations – 2D, 3D; Cameras and transformations – perspective and orthographic; Ray casting and rasterization; Basic image processing tools and techniques – convolution, sampling, aliasing, Fourier transform, enlarging, shrinking; Textures – mapping, synthesis; Interaction techniques – multi-touch, mouse-based; Splines – polynomial curves, Hermite curve, cubic B-splines; Meshes – topology, geometry, applications; Light – physics, measurement, reflectance; Materials and scattering – object-level, surface, models; Color – perception, color spaces; Principles of ray tracing and rendering; Basics of motion and animation; Graphics hardware basics.

Dumb Scientist – Abrupt climate change

The two alternative irregular voice models that were developed here made synthesized speech sound more natural.

The evaluation of voices adapted with noisy data show that the noise plays a relatively small but noticeable role in the quality of synthetic speech: Naturalness and speaker similarity are not affected in a significant way by the noise, but listeners prefer the voices trained from cleaner data.

The evaluation results of the Hurricane Challenge 2013 indicate that the modified voice is mostly less intelligible than the unmodified natural speech, as expected, but more intelligible than the reference TTS voice, especially in the low SNR conditions.},
keywords = {GlottHMM, Hurricane challenge, intelligibility, Lombard speech, Speech synthesis}

Corresponding synthetic voices are created by training and adapting statistical parametric speech synthesis system GlottHMM.
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  • Harmonic model for female voice emotional synthesis

    By listening this one could hear a crackling voice which disturbs the intelligibility of synthesized speech.

  • Parametric Speech Synthesis and User Interface …

    Worked with a research team to explore new parameterization methods for recognizably emotional speech synthesis.

  • Parametric Speech Synthesis and User Interface ..

    The Center for Language and Speech Processing, WS11 "New Parameterization for Emotional Speech Synthesis"

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Performance Analysis of Text To Speech Synthesis …

The evaluation results are encouraging in showing that the synthesized voices with varying vocal effort are rated similarly to their natural counterparts both in terms of intelligibility and suitability.},
keywords = {Adaptation, Breathy speech, intelligibility, Lombard speech, statistical parametric speech synthesis, Vocal effort}

Voice Transformation Survey v 10

The transformed voice is rated equal in terms of naturalness and clearly more creaky compared to the original voice.},
keywords = {Contextual Factors, Creaky voice, excitation modeling, F0 estimation, Speech synthesis}

Approach to Emotional Speech Synthesis ..

About the feature analysis, the best features have been the Letter Sequence Perplexity and the Average N-gram order.},
keywords = {Abbreviations, Acronyms, Capital letter sequence pronunciation, Spanish, Speech synthesis, Spelling}

Callie Vaughn | Professional Profile

To enhance the naturalness of speech synthesis, these latter should be able to generate speech in all its expressive diversity, including creaky voice.

View Callie Vaughn’s professional profile on ..

Spatial frameworks: Concepts from Geodesy, Earth centered reference frames, Global and local horizontal datums, WGS 84,; Height references: Use of Physical and Geometric principles, Vertical datums and their relations, Ellipsoidal and Orthometric heights; Topographic surface modeling: Grid based models, TINs, Breaklines and Breakpoints, Surface interpolation methods; Photogrammetric data collection using Space borne and Airborne digital systems; Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Concepts, Sensors, Data processing, Quality control; Airborne Lidar: Concepts, Sensors, Data Processing, Quality Control; DEM user applications; Terrain derivatives, Terrain Visualisation; Urban surface representation models, City GML standards; Spatial Data Infrastructure: Concepts and Examples; Examples of practical use of Spatial data Infrastructures.

A method for speech parameterization and ..

Review of MOS device operation, combinational and sequential logic design; CMOS logic families including static, dynamic and dual rail logic. Fabrication of MOS transistors, Circuit Layout: Design Rules, Parasitics. Arithmetic blocks (ALUs, FIFOs, counters), memory; data and control path design, Logical Effort. Introduction to hardware description languages (verilog), Analysis and synthesis algorithms including circuit, switch and logic simulation, logic synthesis, layout synthesis and test generation. Chip design examples, Floor-planning, Packaging.

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