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Letts nitrile synthesis - Wikipedia

An Approach to the Synthesis of Nitrotetrahydrobenzo[c]chromenones and Dihydrodibenzo[b,d]furans

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Kolbe Nitrile Synthesis - Organic chemistry

Another synthetic made from butadiene is NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), the other monomer being . NBR's ability to withstand a range of temperatures from 220 to 380 K allows it be used in several important aeronautical applications, for example to make fuel and oil handling hoses and seals, where ordinary rubbers cannot be used. It is also used to make protective gloves for use in the nuclear industry. NBR is also used in everyday items, for example in footwear.

EP1196375A1 - Solid phase nitrile synthesis - Google …

The biosynthesis of 7-deazapurine containing natural products is a unique case whereby both formation of a nitrile and its conversion to an amide are documented.

Synthesis of nitrile derivatives of estrogens - …

The biosynthesis 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine (preQ₀), the key intermediate in the biosynthesis of the hypermodified base queuosine and the toyocamycin natural product, is accomplished by preQ₀ synthetase through a series of unprecedented reactions whereby the carboxylate moiety of the substrate, 7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine (CDG), is successively activated by adenylation, reacted with ammonia, and dehydrated to produce the nitrile.

Once formed the nitriles can be converted to the corresponding carboxylic acids by hydrolysis and then to more functional groups. In this way the Kolbe Nitrile synthesis is an important method in homologization.

A Cycle for Organic Nitrile Synthesis via Dinitrogen Cleavage.

The Kolbe nitrile synthesis is a method for the preparation of alkyl nitriles by reaction of the corresponding alkylhalide with a metal . A side product for this reaction is the formation of an isonitrile because the cyanide ion is an ambident nucleophile and according to Kornblum's rule is capable of reacting with either carbon or nitrogen. The reaction is named after Hermann .

By far the greatest use of butadiene is in the manufacture of co-polymers produced from phenylethene (styrene) and butadiene, and propenonitrile (acrylonitrile), butadiene and phenylethene (styrene), . The next biggest use is in the manufacture of poly(butadiene), a synthetic rubber, which is principally used as one of the components in the rubber used for car tyres:

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    The first time synthesis of 7α- and 11β-nitrile estradiol is described

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Biocatalytic Synthesis of Nitrile Compounds :: …

Benzonitrile is used as a solvent and chemical intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs and rubber chemicals through the reactions of alkylation, condensation, esterification, hydrolysis, halogenation or nitration.

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