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What is a Total Hip Joint Replacement?

If leg lengthening occurs following the total hip replacement the patient may require a heel raise for the other leg.

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Unfortunately wear and debris formation are a continuous and relentless process that occurs with all hip replacements. Wear of the bearing surfaces is accelerated in those patients with a high activity profile and with inferior materials or designs. If the implant bearing surface such as the inner plastic liner in the cup wears out, this may require exchange of the specific part or a total revision of the implant.

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If a significant leg length discrepancy of greater than 2cms occurs this may be a reason for continued and unexplained pain following a total hip replacement. If there is a significant marked increase in leg length discrepancy then the patient may require revision of the total hip replacement. Significant leg length discrepancy may be associated with nerve palsies.

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The goals of total hip replacement are to relieve pain and correct the functional deficit. In doing so, the surgeon sometimes needs to correct leg length discrepancies which may be present prior to the surgery. However, he also needs to avoid creating a leg length discrepancy as a result of the surgery.

Patients experience problems such as pain and swelling in the affected leg. This does not affect the hip replacement and does not lead to revision surgery, but they may involve prolonged hospital stay and prolonged post operative care until the condition is adequately controlled.

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Total Hip Replacement

Your new hip prosthesis has a femur and pelvis part made from ceramics and polyethylene or plastic. We also utilize metal on metal surfaces. The cup replaces the worn hip socket of your pelvis. The ball replaces the worn end of your femur. The ball is attached to a stem that fits into your femur. The cup and stem are sometimes cemented, or metals may have a porous surface that bone will grow into and create a tight fit. We rarely cement the devices in place.

Motion of the joint will generally improve. The extent of the improvement will depend on how stiff the joint was before the operation. An extremely stiff joint will continue to be stiff for sometime after total hip joint replacement. A hip joint replacement can enable a person to perform the activities of daily living without pain and stiffness.

Total Hip Replacement
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The main benefit to the patient after total hip joint replacement is pain relief,which is often quite dramatic. Most patients will have some soreness in the replaced joint after the operation, this discomfort occurs because of the surgery and because the muscles surround the joint are weak from inactivity. The soreness may last for several weeks or months. Muscle power, lost through inactivity, usually returns with exercise when the pain is relieved.

long stem non-cemented prosthesis with ..

Studies have shown that hip replacements, with cemented stems and cementless sockets ( also known as "hybrid" hips) are also very satisfactory.

Non-cemented total hip arthroplasty (Book, 1988) …

An old person can expect their total hip joint replacement to last a lifetime. It will give years of pain-free living that would not have been possible otherwise. A young person with a total hip joint replacement who is quite active may have to have a second replacement later.

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You may feel some numbness in the skin around your incision. You also may feel some stiffness, particularly with excessive bending. These differences often diminish with time and most patients find these are minor compared to the pain and limited function they experienced prior to surgery. Your new hip may activate metal detectors required for security in airports and some buildings. Tell the security agent about your hip replacement if the alarm is activated.

Surgical Hip Replacement Options ..

Your full recovery from your total hip replacement surgery is going to take several months. This pamphlet will help you understand your recovery. Guidelines are included which discuss precautions to protect your new joint, exercises that increase you hip strength, and activities of daily living that will help you become an active partner in your care and recovery.

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Surgeons who perform a large number of hip replacements, complex surgery, as well as regular revision surgery, have fewer dislocations than surgeons who perform a small number of operations.

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