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The Wikipedia view: Immersive videos, more recently known as 360° videos or 360 degree videos, are video recordings of a real-world scene, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During playback the viewer has control of the viewing direction.

for real-time PCR assay: synthesis and comparison with a ..

Figure 2. Stepwise MOF formation observed . (a) Synthesis of ZIFs and (b) Zn-MOF-74, with images of the milling jar for each step. (c) Discovery of katsenite phase: time-resolved diffractogram with highlighted periods of existence of ZIF-8, kat, and dia frameworks. Symbol for mechanochemical reactivity in panels a and b proposed by Rightmire et al.

Real-time texture synthesis by patch-based sampling

are synthesis of real time contact sound events ..

A detailed synthesis algorithm for specifying the screen shape is described, and some preliminary experimental results on real-time nonlinear processing are presented.

Experimental details; digital photos of nanoplate dispersion; additional TEM and SEM images and UV–vis spectra of the nanoplates; size distribution histograms, and video (avi) showing real-time spectra change during the nanoplate formation. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at .

Real-Time Exemplar-Based Face Sketch Synthesis - …

a voltage-controlled electronic musical instrument that provided the earliest real-time ..

...ed to the task itself. This distinguishes our model from other models used in automatic runtime model generation which require dynamic priority assignment to tasks according to the processed messages =-=[6, 11]-=-. Compared to these models requiring dynamic priority assignment to tasks and two-level scheduling (at message and task levels), our approach has the advantages of low runtime overhead, lesser complex...

The Wikipedia view: Virtual reality (VR), which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world.

29/12/2017 · Real-time performance can be ..
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  • Real-time Musical Applications of Sparse Atomic …

    What is Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

  • Real-Time Unspecified Major Sub ..

    Discover an array of solutions to optimize, execute, and troubleshoot MIQE-compliant real-time PCR experiments.

  • cDNA Synthesis For Real-Time PCR | Biocompare …

    Mono Basin Real Time Data

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A Wireless Brain-Machine Interface for Real-Time …

This paper investigates an approach for synthesizing sounds of rigid body interactions using linear modal synthesis (LMS). We propose a technique based on feature extraction from one recorded audio clip to estimate perceptually satisfactory material parameters of virtual objects for real-time sound rendering. In this study, the significant features from one recorded audio are extracted by computing high level power spectrogram that is based on short time Fourier transform analysis with optimal windowed function. Based on these reference features, the material parameters of intrinsic quality are computed for interactive virtual objects in graphical environments. A tetrahedralize finite element method (FEM) is employed to achieve Eigen values decomposition during modal analysis process. Residual compensation is also implemented to optimize the perceptual differences between the synthesized and the real sounds, and to include the non-harmonic components in the synthesized audio in order to achieve perceptually high quality sound. Furthermore, the computed parameters for material objects of one geometry can be transferred to different geometries and shapes of the same material objects, whereas, the synthesized sound varies as the shapes of the objects change. The results of the estimated parameters as well as a comparison of real sound and the synthesized sound are presented. The potential applications of our methodology are synthesis of real time contact sound events for games and interactive virtual graphical animations and providing extended authoring capabilities.

Beyond Traditional Sampling Synthesis: Real-Time …

We present a patch-based sampling algorithm for synthesizing textures from an input sample texture. The patch-based sampling algorithm is fast. Using patches of the sample texture as building blocks for texture synthesis, this algorithm makes high-quality texture synthesis a real-time process. For generating textures of the same size and comparable (or better) quality, patch-based sampling is orders of magnitude faster than existing texture synthesis algorithms. The patch-based sampling algorithm synthesizes high-quality textures for a wide variety of textures ranging from regular to stochastic. By sampling patches according to a non-parametric estimation of the local conditional MRF density, we avoid mismatching features across patch boundaries. Moreover, the patch-based sampling algorithm remains effective when pixel-based non-parametric sampling algorithms fail to produce good results. For natural textures, the results of the patch-based sampling look subjectively better.

A Science Odyssey: You Try It: DNA Workshop - PBS

Didi Firman, our training program director, also has a blog on the Psychology Today web site. Click to visit "Living a Life of Purpose; Spirituality in Real Time."

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