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Chapter 10 - Hypothesis Testing: The Sign Test …

This result is significant at the 0.01 level and beyond, indicating thatthe null hypotheses can be rejected with confidence.

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When the null hypothesis contains only an equal sign

The probability of a Type I error is equal tothe significance level , and the probability of rejectingthe null hypothesis when it is in fact false (a correct decision) is equal to 1 - .

Q: When doing a word problem, how do I know what my null hypothesis is

In a one-sided test, corresponds to the critical value such that For example, if the desired significance level for a result is 0.05, the corresponding valuefor must be greater than or equal to = 1.645 (or less than or equal to -1.645 for a one-sided alternative claiming that the mean is less than the null hypothesis).

The _________ Hypothesis Contains The "=" Sign

(That is, the population mean is 5 minutes.) All null hypotheses include an equal sign in them

How do you know which hypothesis to put in H0 and which one to put in Ha? Typically, the null hypothesis says that nothing new is happening; the previous result is the same now as it was before, or the groups have the same average (their difference is equal to zero). In general, you assume that people’s claims are true until proven otherwise. So the question becomes: Can you prove otherwise? In other words, can you show sufficient evidence to reject H0?

Another interpretation of the significance level , based in , is that corresponds to the value for which one chooses to reject or accept the null hypothesis .

Answer to The _____ hypothesis contains the "=" sign

The null hypothesis contains the equality sign B

Formally defined, the of a test is the probability that a fixed level significance test will reject the null hypothesis when a particular alternative value of the parameter is true. In the test score example, for a fixed significance level of 0.10, suppose the school boardwishes to be able to reject the null hypothesis (that the mean = 70) if the mean for femalestudents is in fact 72.

16/01/2018 · Remember, the null hypothesis always has an equal sign in it, ..
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    Can null hypothesis stated with less and equal sign or greater and equal sign, instead of always equal sign.

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    The null hypothesis always includes the equal sign Alternative Hypothesis H 1 from STAT 2800 at UOIT

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    28/03/2007 · I am trying to make a "null sign" in Word and cannot figure out how to do it

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