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Synthesis of caprolactam and Nylon 6 - Journal of …

Thus nylon 6-10 is formed by the reaction of hexamethylenediamine and sebacic acid.

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Synthesis of Polyamide | Nylon | Polymerization

In this reaction, alternating series of
adipic acid
gets aranged
end to end
Quite similar to Nylon 6,6, Nylon 6,10 is a simpler condensation polymerization.

6/16/2017 · Title: Synthesis of polyamide Objective: I

The equation is:

Many diamines and diacids (or diacid chlorides) can be reacted to make other condensation products that are described by the generic name "nylon." One such product is an important commercial polyamide, nylon 6-6, which can be prepared by substituting adipoyl chloride for Sebacoyl chloride in the procedure described here.

Nylon - The science of synthetic textiles

Nylon is a synthetic condensation polymer created by the reaction of a dicarboxylic acid and a diamine to form amide bonds and water.

They require different reactions.
Nylon 6: ring-opening polymerization
Nylon 6,6: Interfacial condensation polymerization
Nylon 6,10: Interfacial condensation polymerization
Interfacial means that the two reactants are
but are

Wallace Carother holding his new invention: NYLON
3-16 polymer
6-6 polymer
At first, Carother’s team discovered 3-16 polymers, but it was useless due to its low melting point.
The 6-6 polymer became
known as NYLON!
Chemical Reaction
Nylon is a common name for all
, but there are three major ones synthesized today.

Nylon Synthesis - Internet Archive

Kit provides materials for two different experiments allowing students to create two different types of nylon - Nylon 66 and Nylon 6-10.

The Condensation Polymerization Reaction Used in the Creation of Nylon 6-10Objective: The objective of this demonstration is to show the formation of a condensation polymer.

Plastics make up a major category of the polymer field. The world plastics market was about 622 billion pounds in the year 2014. The plastics industry is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States. In 2014, more than $427 billion in plastic goods were shipped. Most of these materials are a synthetic commodity and engineering resins and the major types are listed below. From Nylon 6/6 testing, to ABS and PET testing, Polyhedron has the capbilities to peform thousands of plastics tests. Polyhedron Laboratores has been performing an extensive number of tests for over 40 years.

The difference is that a reactant of Nylon 6,10 (sebacoylchloride) is an organic halide, having a chlorine molecule.
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    The Synthesis of Nylon

  • Nylon Rope Trick and Synthesis Kit | Ward's Science

    Phanstiel O., Dueno E., and Wang Q. X., (1998), Synthesis of exotic soaps in the chemistry laboratory, , 75, 612.

  • NYLON 6/10 (PA) — POLYAMIDE 6/10 - RTP Company

    Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides

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Nylon 6/10 pellets, 2-3 mm | Sigma-Aldrich

Amide linkages are the key chemical connections of peptides and proteins in living systems. Most amide bonds are formed by complex biological “factories” in the cells called ribosomes. Amides are also the basis for some of the most widely used synthetic polymers, such as nylon and related polyamide products, over three billion pounds of which are produced annually. These products are used in a variety of consumables including the furnishing, clothing, and automobile industries.

Experiment Synthesis of Nylon images

What is Interfacial Condensation Polymerization?
Nylon 6
Nylon 6,6
Nylon 6,10

In the case of Nylon 6, this monomer is
In order for the polymerization to happen:

It must be around 250℃


5-10% of the environment must be water (for hydrolysis)


There must be an abundant amount of nitrogen gas
Aminocaproic acid
After 4-5 hours in this environment,
captorlactam rings
break down into:
However, even after the breakdown, further carbocation and electron reshuffling is required for the polymerization to happen.
To conclude, the reaction can be written as:
Aminocaproic Acid
(CH ) C(O)NH
(CH ) C(O)NH
(C H NO)
Aminocaproic Acid
Nylon 6
Physical Properties of Nylon
Unlike Nylon 6,
Nylon 6,6
goes through simpler
condensation polymerization

Image Gallery Nylon 6 10 Structure

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