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[10] Rezko had initially met Obama in 1990, when the former was a low-income housing developer in Chicago and the latter was a Harvard Law School student. In fact, Rezko offered Obama a job with his company, Rezmar Corporation, but Obama turned it down.

Obama eventually found employment in 1993 with the aforementioned Chicago law firm Davis Miner Barnhill, which represented developers who built low-income housing with government funds. In 1995 one of the firm's clients -- the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation (WPIC) -- partnered with Rezmar Corporation in a project to convert an abandoned nursing home into low-income apartments. Obama was instrumental in helping Rezmar Corporation and WPIC strike their deal. Rezmar Corporation would also partner with WPIC clients in four later deals.

Obama joins list of seven presidents with Harvard …

Lawyer, University of Chicago associate dean, and mother Michelle Obama became the United States' first African-American First Lady in 2009. Learn more about her life and influence in this video.

20, Barack Obama will become the eighth U.S

Obama's selection as the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review gained a publisher's attention and he was asked to write a book on race relations, which was published in 1995 as his autobiography which details the joys, frustrations, and regrets of his days as a high schooler in Honolulu.

In 1996, five years after graduating from Harvard Law School, Obama entered the public domain as a political figure. In 1996, he was elected to the Illinois Senate representing Chicago's south side neighborhoods. During his tenure in the Illinois Senate Obama sponsored and participated in and provided bipartisan support for many laws for ethics, health care, childcare, payday loan regulations and predatory mortgage lending.

president to have graduated from Harvard

Michelle Obama (1964-) was an American first lady and the wife of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. An Ivy League graduate, she built a successful career, first as a lawyer, and then in the private sector, which she maintained throughout her husband’s early political career. Concerned about the effect the campaign would have on their young daugthers, Michelle was initially reluctant to support the idea of her husband’s run for the presidency. Despite her initial misgivings, she proved to be an effective surrogate for him on the campaign trail. After her husband’s election, she chose a number of causes to support; advocating for support for military families and encouraging healthy eating to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity. As a young mother, a fashion icon and the first African-American first lady, Michelle Obama became a role model to many Americans.

Her problems seemed hard to imagine last fall and winter. Mrs. Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer, appeared so at ease with the tactile business of campaigning and drew praise for humanizing, often with humor, a husband who could seem elusive.

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    When sworn in on Jan

  • Some of their ancestors were slaves

    Michelle LaVaughn Robinson and her brother Craig grew up as part of a working class family on the South Side of Chicago

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    President Frank Marshall Davis Obama!! - Reformation

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Frank Marshall Davis was the real father of President Barack H

The caricatures of Mrs. Obama as the Angry Black Woman confound her, friends say. Her own family crosses racial boundaries — her mother-in-law and a sister-in-law are white — and she has spent much of her adult life trying to address racial resentment.

The Difference Between Putin And Obama | Real Jew …

In 1993 Obama joined a law firm in Chicago that specialized in civil rights litigation, first as an associate for three years from 1993 to 1996 and then of counsel for eight years until 2004.

The Difference Between Putin And Obama

In her freshman year at Princeton, a white roommate’s mother agitated for her daughter to swap rooms. Mrs. Obama was among a handful of blacks at a prestigious Chicago law firm. As a hospital executive, she navigated the often tense line between a predominantly white-run institution and a suspicious black community.

The Jews Behind Obama’s Health Care Scheme | Real …

One person who did remember Mr. Obama was Michael L. Baron, who taught a senior seminar on international politics and American policy. Mr. Baron, now president of an electronics company in Florida, said he was Mr. Obama’s adviser on the senior thesis for that course. Mr. Baron, who later wrote Mr. Obama a recommendation for Harvard Law School, gave him an A in the course.

Craig Robinson (basketball) - Wikipedia

After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988, Mrs. Obama took a job at what is now Sidley Austin, a corporate law firm. She had a handsome salary and the prospect of better to come.

Malia Obama Joins List of Famous Harvard Students | …

Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, a close ally of the Obama campaign, says Mrs. Obama must stop sounding like a lawyer trying to win an argument. The trick, she said, is “not pushing so hard to persuade people that Barack is the right one.”

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