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The conflict in Kashmir stems from 1947.

Obama's political thesis, The Audacity of Hope, had been in the running in that category.

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Pakistan has a high conflict with India, about the Kashmir.

Preceding the British decolonization of the greater Indian area into modern-day India and Pakistan in 1947, Kashmir was an independent region, ruled by a Hindu maharaja, though its people were, and continue to be, predominately Muslim.

For many facts, these reasons account for Kashmir’s present state of affairs.

For the students of political history especially if they are interested in the chapter of South-Asian conflicts the topic concerning Jammu & Kashmir still has mysteries to solve, its question still haunts world leaders; its solution stil...

From the Pakistan’s point of view, this issue of Kashmir is a ..

Kashmir tourism is also famous for the exotic flora and fauna found in the region.

When we talk about the role of Pakistan in this core issue, so we don’t see actually any major role but yes we do arrange the rallies, we form human chains; we arrange exhibitions, We arrange seminars, we do talk about the change but never by our heart, we regularly watch many leaders making their fake promises especially on the Kashmir day....

I should begin by looking at the term ‘Kashmir’ itself. Researchers and commentators even today tend to use it to refer to the whole of the population of Indian Jammu and Kashmir and of Pakistan Azad Kashmir (‘Free Kashmir’). They sometimes neglect to depict the diversity within the original borders of Jammu and Kashmir.

Essay: Obama and the Environment

The Kashmir conflict has been between India and Pakistan, with Kashmir in the middle.

The Kashmir Valley is one of the most fertile lands on the planet, thick with rich pine and cedar forests and covered in rice paddies, hemp and saffron, apple and apricot orchards and walnut trees....

In 1948, Mahatma Gandhi, a freedom fighter for Indian nationalism, was terrified at the possibility of war, and delivered a famous speech at a prayer meeting, as he said, “Pakistan is being requested to get out of Kashmir and to arrive at a settlement with India over the question through bilateral negotiations....

Kashmir is a disputed piece of land that came to be after Britain dismantled the Indian empire.
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    The peaceful rivers, shiny waterfalls, attractive surrounding and the evergreen forests of Kashmir add to its beauty.

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    Muslims and Hindus have been living together in Kashmir with peace and harmony.

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    Who has been violence by none other than our so called friend Bharat, who has acted sarcastically with Kashmir.

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The untalented Mrs Obama - The Express Tribune

Trouble erupted in full force in the late eighties when the insurgents from Pakistan started another campaign of terror against the Kashmiris, with Hizbul Mujahideen seeking unification with Pakistan.

Obama’s national security team agreed to the ..

Syncretism of cultural and religious beliefs was not acceptable to either the Hindus or the Muslims, and Kashmiri Pandits were not willing to leave their homeland.

Obama the Mideast Peace-Maker? | Cato Institute

In his poetic collection ‘the country without a post office’, the poet articulates diasporic experience of exile, loss, pain and creates possibilities of Kashmiri diaspora in America.

18/12/2008 · Obama the Mideast Peace-Maker

An estimated 350,000 Kashmiris1 were forced to flee from the valley in response to separatist and fundamentalist threats and attacks, to say the least....

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Kashmir has always been a flashpoint of war which has constantly threatened the peace of both the nuclear powers (Kashmir issue can trigger war, says Sharif- DAWN)....

Expert Speak | ORF - Ideas. Forums. Leadership. Impact

The Kashmir issue has led to at least three major wars in the region with media claiming the souring chances of a fourth war between the two countries.

Shia Islam in India - Wikipedia

The divided, mostly Muslim Himalayan region of Kashmir is at the heart of hostility between the neighbours and was the cause of two of their three wars since independence from Britain in 1947.

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