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One parenthesis or two? | Fran Macilvey

Compound terms are those that consist of more than one word but represent a single item or idea. They come in three styles.

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Is there a word for one parenthesis? | Yahoo Answers

All the musical data is organized into a list of systems, each systemcontaining a list of staves, each staff containing a list of objectslike notes, rests, and so on, and each object containing a variety oflists describing its attributes. Systems and staves are createdautomatically if not specified in the arguments to cmn. That is, is the same as but in morecomplicated cases, it is better (and sometimes necessary) to beexplicit about groupings. In addition to the built-in entities, anyfunction encountered in the list of cmn arguments is (of course)evaluated and the result (either one object, or a list of objects) isspliced into the data as though it had been written explicitly,providing a simple and extremely powerful way to call on the fullresources of lisp. A few such functions are provided by cmn, andexamples of others will be given below.

omission of one or more words, which are assumed by the listener or reader

or that wouldn't normally fit into the flow of your text but you want to include nonetheless. If the material within parentheses appears within a sentence, do not use a capital letter or period to punctuate that material, even if the material is itself a complete sentence. (A question mark or exclamation mark, however, might be appropriate and necessary.) If the material within your parentheses is written as a separate sentence (not included within another sentence), punctuate it as if it were a separate sentence.

Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones.

Intertwined with syntax, rhetoric exerts another powerful influence on Elizabethan writing. Rhetoric in its original sense means "the art or study of using language effectively and persuasively." While I won't be getting into some of the more obscure terms (is there anyone who isn't frightened by a mouthful of syllables like "paraprosdokian"?), a healthy understanding of poetry's debt to rhetoric is in order. Below is a table of some of the more common devices employed for emphasis in Shakespeare:

HAil , of first-born,
Or of Coeternal beam
May I express thee ? since ,
And never but in unapproached light
from , then in thee,
Bright of bright essence .
pure stream,
Whose Fountain who shall tell? before the Sun,
thou wert, and at the voice
Of God, as with a Mantle didst
The rising world of waters dark and deep,
Won from the infinite.
Thee I re-visit now with bolder wing,
the Pool, though long
In that obscure sojourn, while in my flight
Through borne
With other notes to Lyre
I sung of and
Taught by the to venture down
The dark descent, and up to reascend,
Though hard and rare: I revisit safe,
And feel thy vital Lamp; but thou
not these
To find thy piercing ray, and find no dawn;
So thick a hath Orbs,
Or dim suffusion veild. Yet not the more
Cease I to wander where the Muses haunt
Cleer Spring, or shadie Grove, or Sunnie Hill,
Smit with the love of sacred Song; but chief
Thee and the Brooks beneath
That wash thy feet, and warbling flow,
Nightly I visit: nor forget
Those other two with me in Fate,
So were I with them in renown,
Blind and blind
And and Prophets old.
feed on thoughts, that move
Harmonious ; as
Sings , and in shadiest Covert hid
Tunes her nocturnal Note. Thus with the Year
Seasons return, but not to me returns
Day, or the sweet approach of or Morn,
Or sight of vernal bloom, or Rose,
Or flocks, or , or human face divine;
But cloud in stead, and ever-during dark
Surrounds me, from the of men
Cut off, and for
Presented with a Universal
Of Nature's works to and ,
And at one entrance quite shut out.
So much the rather thou light
Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers
Irradiate, there plant eyes, all mist from thence
Purge and disperse, that I may see and tell
Of things invisible to mortal sight.

The Greatest Poem of World War One: David Jones's In Parenthesis; ..

Now had the Almighty Father from above,
From the pure where he sits
High above all , bent down his eye,
His own works and their works at once to view:
About him all the of Heaven
Stood thick as , and from his sight
Beatitude past utterance;
The sat,
His onely Son; On Earth he first beheld
Our two first Parents, yet the two
Of mankind, in the Garden ,
Reaping immortal fruits of joy and love,
Uninterrupted joy, love
In blissful solitude; he then
Hell and the Gulf between, and there
Coasting the wall of on
In the dun Air sublime, and ready now
To with wearied wings, and willing feet
On the bare outside of this , that
Firm land without Firmament,
Uncertain which, in Ocean or in Air.
Him God beholding from his prospect high,
Wherein past, present, future he beholds,
Thus to his Son foreseeing spake.

The most difficult compound terms to deal with are the compound adjectives. For one thing, most of them will not be found in any dictionary. For another, whether they are hyphenated or not depends on their position within a sentence. Whether to hyphenate or not is often a matter of style. Some basic guidance is offered below. For more detailed guidance, the current (16th) edition of includes a .

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  • i may need more than one set of parenthesis ..

    One reason to use parenthesis is to mark off explanatory remarks in writing

  • They have one major use and one or two minor uses

    “Parenthesis” is singular, whereas “parentheses” is plural. Hence, one parenthesis, two parentheses.

  • Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces | Grammar Girl

    There MUST NOT be a space before the closing parenthesis; There MUST be one space between the closing parenthesis …

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Parethesis - a choice of parentheses - Grammar Monster

Two or more words that collectively act as an adjective should be hyphenated when they appear immediately before the noun they modify. This helps prevent misreading.

Parenthesis - a choice of parentheses ..

To whom the great thus .
O Son, in whom my Soul hath chief delight,
Son of my bosom, Son who art alone
All hast thou as my thoughts are, all
As my Eternal purpose hath decreed:
Man shall not quite be lost, but who will,
Yet not of will in him, but in me
Freely ; once more I will renew
His lapsed powers, though forfeit and
By sin to foul exorbitant desires;
Upheld by me, yet once more he shall stand
On even ground against his mortal foe,
By me upheld, that he may know how frail
His condition is, and to me
All his , and to none but me.
Some I have chosen of peculiar grace
Elect above the rest; so is my will:
The rest shall hear me call, and be
sinful state, and to appease betimes
incensed while grace
Invites; for I will senses dark,
What may suffice, and hearts
To .
To Prayer, repentance, and obedience due,
Though but with sincere intent,
Mine ear shall not be slow, mine eye not shut.
And I will place within them as a guide
My Umpire whom if they will hear,
Light after light well they shall attain,
And to the end persisting, safe arrive.
This my long sufferance and my day of grace
They who neglect and scorn, shall never taste;
But hard be , blind be blinded more,
That they may stumble on, and deeper fall;
And none but such from mercy I exclude.
But yet all is not ; Man disobeying,
Disloyal breaks his , and
Against the high of ,
Affecting God-head, and so all,
To expiate his Treason hath naught left,
But to destruction sacred and devote,
He with his whole must ,
or Justice must; unless for him
other able, and as willing, pay
The rigid satisfaction, death for death.
Say Powers, where shall we find such ,
Which of ye will be mortal to redeem
mortal crime, and just unjust to save,
in all Heaven so ?

A parenthesis can be shown using two brackets, two commas, ..

According to literal interpretation, this example is itself a form of anadiplosis termed "gradatio," in which the anadiplosis is extended in a series of three or more clauses that repeat upon one another.

Parenthesis | Definition of Parenthesis by Merriam …

Father, thy word is past, man shall find grace;
And shall grace not find means, that finds her way,
The speediest of thy winged messengers,
To visit all thy creatures, and to all
Comes , , unsought,
for man, so coming; he her
Can never seek, once dead in sins and lost;
for himself or offering meet,
Indebted and , hath none to bring:
then, for him, life for life
I offer, on let thine anger fall;
Account man; I for his sake will leave
Thy bosom, and this next to thee
Freely put off, and for him lastly
Well , on me let Death wreck all his rage;
Under his power I shall not long
Lie ; thou hast me to possess
Life in my self for ever, ,
Though now to I yield, and am his due
All that of me can die, yet that debt paid,
Thou wilt not leave me in the grave
His prey, nor suffer my unspotted
For ever with corruption there to dwell;
But I shall rise Victorious, and subdue
My Vanquisher, of his ;
Death his wound shall then receive, and stoop
Inglorious, of his .
I through the ample Air in Triumph high
Shall lead Hell Captive Hell, and show
The powers of darkness bound. Thou at the sight
, out of Heaven shalt look down and smile,
While by thee I ruin all my Foes,
, and with his Carcass glut the Grave:
Then with the multitude of my
Shall enter Heaven long absent, and ,
Father, to see thy face, wherein no cloud
Of anger shall remain, but peace ,
And reconcilement; shall be no more
Thenceforth, but in thy presence Joy entire.

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