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Bright Star's MDMA Synthesis for the First Time …


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A Complete MDMA Synthesis for the First Time Chemist ..

Sometimes this requires only the substitution of appropriate chemicals or certain changes in reaction parameters or catalysts.

Examples of this conceptual approach can be shown by the synthesis of the nonpsychoactive controlled substance phenyl-2-propanone (P-2-P).

MDMA Synthesis: How ‘Molly’ is made

The compound was isolated from MDMA by column chromatography, proton and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, LC/mass spectrometry, and total synthesis were used to identify the compound as N-cyanomethyl-N-methyl-l-(3',4'-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-propylamine.

AKIRA Guide to MDMA Synthesis ..

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Bright Star's MDMA Synthesis for the First Time Chemist - [www IF someone chooses to follow this synthesis, note that the product has been HCl); Rxn: Safrole -(Wacker Oxidation(PdCl2+Benzoquinone))-> MDP2P future of safrole , Hive Methods Discourse - 12 Apr 2004 Also how are bees in EU producing mdp2p on the majority? . And trying to synthesize safrole from eugenol is something which has been Synthesis of MDP2P from MDP2Pol - MDP2P from safrole using H2SO4 and NH4NO3 This method seems to be a breakthrough in the clandestine synthesis of MDMA. For about two years, many Complete MDMA synthese - Shroomery 4 Benzoquinone wacker oxidation (safrole --> MDP2P) .. Now will be outlined how MDP2P can be synthesized with the wacker oxidation and p-benzoquinone MDMA Synthesis (How to make Molly) - The DEA: The definitive diagram of common mdma molly ecstasy synthesis pathway Safrole, the ketone (PMK/MDP2P), and of course MDMA itself are all restricted in the US and most Isosafrole synthesis 0001 - YouTube 9 Dec 2012 Synthesis of 3,4 methylenedoixy-propylbenzene (Isosafrole) The Great Alexander Shulgin Talks About MDMA-(Ecstasy) - Duration: 4:20. How legitimate is this synthesis for MDMA? : DrugNerds - Reddit 29 Apr 2015 Isn't (non-controlled) PMK-Glycidate used for the synthesis these days? permalink If you can find safrole and palladium catalyst, then sure! Bright Stars MDMA synth - Psychonaut Total synthesis 2 was basically a joint cooperative effort of dozens of .. hello, I'm looking for alternatives to safrole in the synthesis of MDP2P, MDMA - Wikipedia The original MDMA synthesis described in Merck's patent involves MDP2P in turn is generally synthesized from piperonal, safrole or ECSTASY Synthesis for DUMBIES!!!!! [Archive] - Bluelight I have my own "synthesis" for MDMA and as a matter of fact, I am a University Sassafrass oil (safrole is illegal) is only one sorce of safrole.

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How to Legally Buy a Kilo of Pure MDMA - Motherboard

by oxidizing isosafrole in an acid medium and by 1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-2-nitropropene reduction.

The final product-MDP-2-P was subjected to GC/MS analysis.

The intermediates and reaction by-products were identified and the ‘route specific’ impurities were established.

3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)butan-2-amine (MDP-2-MB, MBDB) is a new homologue of N-methyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propan-2-amine (MDMA), which is strictly controlled as a narcotic.

As part of our continuous survey on illegal designer drugs in the Japanese market, we found that N-methyl-4-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)butan-2-amine (MDP-3-MB, HMDMA) was being sold as MBDB.

As this is the first time that HMDMA has been revealed to be in market distribution, and its physico-chemical data is thus far unreported, we describe the structure elucidation of HMDMA and comparative analysis with related compounds.

The impurity profiles were obtained by means of GC/MS, some reaction by-products were identified by means of the EI mass spectra including low energy EI mass spectra and ‘route specific’ impurities were established.

He was most famously responsible for the emergence of one of the world's most enduringly popular recreational designer drugs, 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine, also known as MDMA, or ecstasy. He did not invent it, since MDMA had been designed by the pharmaceutical firm Merck in 1912 in a bid to produce a blood-clotting agent. However, Shulgin was responsible for creating a new and easier synthesis of it.

How to Legally Buy a Kilo of Pure MDMA
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    AKIRA Guide to MDMA Synthes.

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5-allyl-1,3-benzodioxole Page 113
Procedure A: Extraction of safrole from sassafras oil Page 113
Procedure B: Synthesis of safrole from catechol Page 114
Procedure C: Synthesis of safrole from eugenol Page 116

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He continued to innovate and publish his work, always with accurate dosage information. His work made other people billions of illicit dollars, but his own later years were marked by financial worries over his healthcare bills, though friends and followers were supportive. Two books, Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story (1991) and Tihkal: the Continuation (1997), both written with Ann, are considered classics in both the fields of organic chemistry and illicit drugs synthesis.

MDMA (‘Ecstasy’) and methamphetamine combined: Order …

1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)propan-2-amine hydrochloride Page 135
Procedure A: Preparation of MDMA Page 135
Procedure B: Preparation of MDMA from piperonylacetone via
amalgated aluminum reduction Page 137
Procedure C: Preparation of MDMA Page 139
Procedure D: Preparation of MDMA directly from bromosafrole Page 140

OTC MDMA is now easy and cheap!! , Hive Chemistry Discourse

Five grams or more or 25 or more pills, tablets or capsules of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of:3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDMA / Ecstasy).

OTC MDMA is now easy and cheap!

Profiling MDMA can provide useful information to law enforcement agencies relating to synthetic route, precursor chemicals and reagents employed and may be used for comparative analyses of different drug seizures.

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