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Ribosomes are responsible for protein synthesis.

Hepler PK (1982) Endoplasmic reticulum in the formation of cell plate and plasmodesmata. Protoplasma 111: 121–133.

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Organelle Responsible For Protein Synthesis ..

Sparkes I, Tolley N, Aller I et al. (2010) Five Arabidopsis reticulon isoforms share endoplasmic reticulum location, topology, and membrane shaping properties. Plant Cell 22: 1333–1343.

Responsible For Protein Synthesis …

Hawes C, Osterrieder A, Sparkes IA and Ketelaar T (2010) Optical tweezers for micromanipulation of plant cytoplasm and organelles. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 13: 731–735.

Protein Synthesis - Cell Organelles and their functions

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And, mitochondria and plastids (chloroplasts and leukoplasts) all have their own separate ribosomes to synthesize their own special proteins, so they're responsible too.

The plant endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is responsible for the synthesis and often storage of a large group of proteins and lipids that enter the secretory pathway. This multifunctional organelle, which also represents one of the calcium storage compartments in plant cells, has currently received considerable attention from the research community because of features unique to plants that make it particularly interesting for biotechnology. Here, the principles behind ER dynamics in plants, and the molecular factors that control the rapid remodelling and network configuration of the organelle are discussed. Correlations between ER morphology and function indicate the potential to enhance protein storage by merely increasing the capacity of the organelle through altering its shape.

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But, proteins that are destined for the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Golgi apparatus, vesicles, lysosome, or cell surface are synthesized on the cytosolic surface of the ER and 'formed' within the ER itself, so some would say that the rough ER is partially responsible.

Cortical ER network dynamics in tobacco leaf epidermal cells. A single image of a luminal ER marker (GFP‐HDEL) is shown (a). Two additional consecutive images of the same area of the cell were taken 10 s apart and pseudo (i.e. false) coloured blue and magenta. These images were then superimposed onto one another to indicate how much the ER remodels over a 20 s time frame (b). Note: regions in white reflect areas of the network that are present in all images and are therefore relatively static over the 20 s time frame. Scale bar 5 μm.

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    Cell Organelle Information - You will need to know both the structure and function of the organelles in a cell

  • What organelle is responsible for protein synthesis? - 2802376

    The organelle responsible for receiving, packaging, and shipping proteins ..

  • What organelle is responsible for. Protein. Synthesis?

    09/08/2016 · Answer to What organelle is responsible for. Protein. Synthesis?

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mitochondrion - an organelle containing enzymes responsible ..

After translation, the protein passes into the channels of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) for transportation. The protein is then passed from the rough ER to the Golgi apparatus inside tiny fluid-filled sacs, called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus is a system of , which are responsible for the modification, processing, and packaging of the proteins. The protein may have a carbohydrate added, to form a glycoprotein. The Golgi apparatus packages the protein in a secretory vesicle, which fuses with the cell membrane and releases the protein from the cell.

is responsible for releasing RF1 and RF2 from the ribosome ..

All of the ribosomes in bacteria and most of the ribosomes in nucleated cells float freely in the cytosol (the liquid portion of the cytoplasm, not including organelles), so most protein synthesis is not carried out in any organelle.


Tolley N, Sparkes I, Craddock CP et al. (2010) Transmembrane domain length is responsible for the ability of a plant reticulon to shape endoplasmic reticulum tubules in vivo. Plant Journal 64: 411–418.

Which organelle is responsible for controlling the cell's ..

Toyooka K, Okamoto T and Minamikawa T (2000) Mass transport of proform of a KDEL‐tailed cysteine proteinase (SH‐EP) to protein storage vacuoles by endoplasmic reticulum‐derived vesicle is involved in protein mobilization in germinating seeds. Journal of Cell Biology 148: 453–464.

Vesicles are responsible for synthesis of protein

Yokota E, Ueda H, Hashimoto K et al. (2011) Myosin XI‐dependent formation of tubular structures from endoplasmic reticulum isolated from tobacco cultured cells, BY‐2. Plant Physiology 156: 129–143.

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