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Marx and the End of Orientalism, B.

Fifth, the neo-Orientalist discourse is marked by a re-deployment of the tropeof the veil as a signifier of oppression.

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Orientalism at the Service of Imperialism, S.

However, it was the emphasis on the OrientalistsÍ view of the Orient as being unimportant as an area in and of itself, of being a place ïwhose principal worth was uniformly defined in terms of EuropeÍ (221) that became the pivotal point in SaidÍs explanation of Orientalism. For once the readers had been made utterly familiar with examples Said used to support his view of Orientalism as a product of Western ideals and viewpoints, and latent Orientalism as a form of reporting on this viewpoint, Said moved on to discuss the shift to manifest Orientalism.

The British Rule in India, Karl Marx-- Part 2: The Rise of Oriental Studies 4.

Like its classical counterpart, for example, neo-Orientalism is monolithic, totalizing, reliant on a binary logic, and based on an assumption of moral and cultural superiority over the Oriental other.

Orientalism, this thesis aims to first analyze ..

The Question of Orientalism, Bernard Lewis-- Part 11: Qualifications and Elaboration 27.

While claiming to be attentive tohistorical changes in the Middle East, neo-Orientalists tend to mis-representimportant aspects of recent events in the region while denying theneo-imperialist relation of the United States to the Middle East.

Second, in contrast to classical Orientalism’s apparent privileging of philologi­cal, cultural, and formalistic concerns over ideological ones, neo-Orientalism is marked by an unapologetic investment in and engagement with the politics of

Neo-Orientalism and the new barbarism thesis: Aspects …

In addition, the neo-Orientalists either repress or turn ablind eye to some of the important  haveoccurred since the revolution.

Secondly, unlike its classical counterpart, Neo-Orientalism entails a popular mode of representing, a kind of doxa about the Middle East and Muslims which is disseminated, thanks to new technologies of communication, throughout the world.

We designate this mode of representation neo rather than new in order to signal the continuity be­tween contemporary and traditional forms of Orientalism which Edward W.

One of the most salient features of neo-Orientalist discourse is an apparent tendency to historicize social and cultural practices in the Middle East.
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    On the Orientalists Again, A.

  • Orientalism—had little to do with the “real” Orient

    Orientalism is the study of Near and Far Eastern societies and cultures, languages, and peoples by Western scholars

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The Iraq War, Orientalism, and The Arab Mind — …

In the following, webriefly sketch some of the constitutive features of neo-Orientalism through ananalysis of several recently published memoirs by Middle Eastern writers.

Orientalism at the Service of ..

Neo-Orientalist authority is an experiential form of authority, an authority construed and claimed not only through having lived in the Middle East, but also by having a “feel” for this particular society as a Middle Easterner, a kind of native sense of the people, their culture, and politi­cal situation.

Orientalism at 30 | Commentisfree | The Guardian

Whereas in classical Orientalism, theveil functioned as a metonymy for the harem, portrayed as a mysterious andinaccessible space of eroticism and lusty sexuality, in neo-Orientalistdiscourse the veil has been re-fashioned once again into a symbol of Muslimwomen’s oppression and lack of civil rights and liberties.

Orientalism - New World Encyclopedia

Unlike traditional Orientalists who maintained at least the pretense of objectivity and scholarly disinterest in current affairs, neo-Orien­talists perceive of their discourses as political engagements aimed at liberating the region from tyrannical regimes.

SAT Grammar : Practice tests and explanations

First, whereas classical Orientalists were commonly male Eu­ropean savants, philologists, established writers and artists, neo-Orientalists tend to be ordinary Middle Eastern subjects whose self-proclaimed authenticity sanc­tions and authorizes their discourses.

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Though we would not dispute the fact that many if not most Middle Eastern regimes today justifiably could be labeled op­pressive in terms of a disregard for a range of civil rights widely regarded as ba­sic in the West, nor would we take issue with the feminist claim that the personal is also political, we nonetheless find the convergence of personal observations and political statements in these narratives symptomatic of the ideological bent in neo-Orientalist discourse.

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