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"Biology and Theory: RNA and the Origin of Life," p 323-344, , J.M.

Life's Late Digital Revolution and Why It Matters for the Study of the Origins of Life (Hypothesis) by David A.

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The RNA World and other origin-of-life theories. by Brig …

One of the four listed hypotheses is, "Life is coeternal with matter and has no beginning; life arrived on the Earth at the time of the origin of the earth or shortly thereafter."
, December 23: Lord Kelvin's address to British scientists, in 1871.
Stephen J.

CLICK TO ENLARGE the big bang hypothesis explains the possible origin of the

Commenting on the new edition of from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Wade writes, "Much has been learned about RNA since the book's first edition in 1993, yet the new knowledge, rather than bolstering the theory of RNA's leading role, seems to accentuate its difficulties."
, February 19: NASA says astrobiologists find clues to origin of life.
, July 28: Carl R.

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"Experimental Testing of Theories of an Early RNA World," p 646-664 v 224, , 1993. Ferris, James P.

Sound is of questionable suitability as the original basis forlanguage, given the greater creative capacity andopen-endedness of higher primate manual and digitaloperations.

Regular tool-using in hominids probably evolvedbefore vocal language, and the human brain'sleft-lateralization for speech could have been tacked on to aprevious specialization for predominantly right-handedgestural language and precise sequences of manualmanipulations.

New Hypothesis For Origin of Life Proposed | The UCSB …

Miller, October 1996., yet another origin-of-life theory, from the University of Glasgow.

She summed up her hypothesis of the origin of life by saying, "I picture all the molecules of early life evolving and rearranging among mica sheets in a communal fashion for eons before budding off with cell membranes and spreading out to populate the world."

The Gaia hypothesis sees life regulating the surface temperatureof Earth. The average surface temperature of Earth has remained withina narrow range - between 10 and 20 C - for over three billion years. During that time the sun's output has increased by thirty or forty percent. Even ignoring the long-term trend of the sun, the temperature would varyfar more, as it does for example every day on the surface of Mars

Why 'RNA world' theory on origin of life may be wrong after all by Bob Holmes, New Scientist, 24 Jun 2015.
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  • A neurochemical hypothesis for the origin of hominids

    , May 22: An online review of origin-of-life theories... — review of by Christopher Wills and Jeffrey Bada.

  • 6 Early Theories About the Origin of Language | Mental …

    The RNA World and other origin-of-life theories. by Brig Klyce

  • Recent single origin hypothesis - Revolvy

    The big bang hypothesis explains the possible origin of …

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A phylogenetic hypothesis for the origin of hiccough.

Renewed interest in these ideasdeveloped in the mid-twentieth century, with systematicstudies of human sign-languages, and then experiments to teachGreat Apes visual languages.The modern argument for gestural primacy in language originsdraws on several lines of evidence, including the following.

Origin of maize: The tripartite hypothesis | SpringerLink

Besides providing a more plausible hypothesis than the prebiotic oceanic "soup" model, Hansma said her new hypothesis also explains more than the so-called "pizza" hypothesis. That model proposes that biomolecules originated on the surfaces of minerals from the Earth's crust. The "pizza" hypothesis cannot explain how the earliest biomolecules obtained the right amount of water to form stable biopolymers.

Recent African Origin hypothesis - RationalWiki

Until the Enlightenment nearlyeverything that was said about language origins in the Westproceeded from the assumption that language began with Adam inthe Garden of Eden.In the eighteenth century a gestural origin for language wasproposed by several writers, and some thought that apes mighthave a capacity for language.

AIDS origin hypotheses: Discredited AIDS origins …

The known range of its catalytic activities is rather narrow, and the origin of an RNA synthetic apparatus is unclear.In spite of the intense level of work on the RNA world in the last decade, there is no consensus theory for precellular life.

Hypothesis and the Origin of Eukaryotic Cell | Biology

This would be -precellular life. — Lynn Margulis The only premise that all of the precellular theories share is that it would be an extremely long time before the first bacterial cells evolved.

The Origin of the Gaia Hypothesis.

16-9-2017 · In this hypothesis the planets are thought to be Under the continents it is possible to distinguish The Big Bang Theory and the Origin of Earth 22-8-2012 · A group of theoretical physicists at the University of Melbourne and RMIT University have proposed a new theory on the origin Big Bang model.

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