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The Doogee S60 is 'the one who reinvents rugged phone'

Here’s a tip – how about doing something useful like leaning a skill or acquiring special knowledge that will help you be a knowledgeable, more informed citizen or (gasp) a more desirable hire after graduation? How about volunteering your time to the less fortunate; tutoring inner-city children, being a Big Brother/Big Sister, or join the Marine Corps? Anything would be more useful if it takes you outside of your own little, infantilized, dreary self and forces you to come to grip with the awful truth that you have absolutely no idea how fortunate you are and that 99% of people around the world have it far worse than you can ever imagine. And they, like so many of us here don’t give a damn about your hurt feelings. You want respect and to be taken seriously, then grow up, learn self-respect through accomplishment not carping and start showing a little gratitude for the advantages you’ve enjoyed.

16/10/2014 · One day I woke up and they had politicized Ebola

Obama’s not even the next goddamned thing to a Leftist or Socialist. Look at how many wars he’s gotten us into at once since taking office, escalating, expanding and extending our involvement with Afghanistan, and authorizing more drone systems, and screwing us out of a Single Payer Health care reform system that entailed Universal Healthcare/Medicare for all Americans, not to mention parroting AIPAC;s lines the minute that Obama took office.

But maybe those aren't tough enough for you

DEFINITION of 'Overreaction'

‘Market effciency survives the challenge from the literature on long-term return anomalies. Consistent with the market effciency hypothesis that the anomalies are chance results, apparent overreaction to information is about as common as underreaction, and post-event continuation of pre-event abnormal returns is about as frequent as post-event reversal. Most important, consistent with the market effciency prediction that apparent anomalies can be due to methodology, most long-term return anomalies tend to disappear with reasonable changes in technique.’
Fama (1998)

Academic studies show strong support for momentum effects. The main reasons for anomaly persistence are behavioral biases like investor herding, investor over and underreaction and confirmation bias. Another natural interpretation of momentum profits is that stocks underreact to information. For example, if a firm releases good news and the stock price only reacts partially to the good news, then buying the stock after the initial release of the news will generate profits.

Book Review: Inadequate Equilibria | Slate Star Codex

A market hypothesis stating that investors and traders react disproportionately to new information ..

Thank you for the advice and information. I will discuss this with my son, and see what we decide. In some ways, I am learning from him, because I would probably escalate the situation if I were in his shoes. He is able to remain calm and focused through all of this, and not from a position of weakness or fear. We lived in Japan for much of his childhood, and he spent more than a decade totally immersed in Kendo and Aikido. But he really is about nonviolence and avoiding confrontation. Also, he managed to keep his grades up during all of this.
However, when we get funding calls from the school, my current response is to laugh and hang up the phone. i encourage other parents and alumni to do the same.

The anti-Semitic, racist circus clown is back to perform for us. I seriously doubt however that there’s any more you can say that will make you look any more foolish than you already have. By all means though, proceed. We shall be entertained.

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    The adaptive market hypothesis, as proposed by Andrew Lo, ..

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Efficient-market hypothesis | Trader Wiki | FANDOM …

As for the FBI informant in the Weathermen, he was a recently discharged soldier who was recruited by the Weathermen before he turned informant. That’s how we know the Weathermen ridiculously intended to foment a socialist revolution. Billy Ayers said they would have to execute 25 million Americans who would never give up their resistance and imprison another 25 million in indoctrination camps until they come around. That doesn’t sound very peaceful to me.

The efficient-market hypothesis was developed by Professor Eugene ..

I’ve been called racial epithets but journalism requires sources. It’s just not acceptable, ever to make a report using passive voice third person omniscient tense. Do you understand what that means?

followed by an overreaction of ..

‘Because psychology systematically explores human judgment, behavior, and well-being,it can teach us important facts about how humans differ from traditional economic assumptions. Inthis essay I discuss a selection of psychological findings relevant to economics. Standardeconomics assumes that each person has stable, well-defined preferences, and that she rationallymaximizes those preferences. Section 2 considers what psychological research teaches us aboutthe true form of preferences, allowing us to make economics more realistic within the rationalchoiceframework. Section 3 reviews research on biases in judgment under uncertainty; becausethose biases lead people to make systematic errors in their attempts to maximize their preferences,this research poses a more radical challenge to the economics model. The array of psychologicalfindings reviewed in Section 4 points to an even more radical critique of the economics model:Even if we are willing to modify our familiar assumptions about preferences, or allow that peoplemake systematic errors in their attempts to maximize those preferences, it is sometimes misleadingto conceptualize people as attempting to maximize well-defined, coherent, or stable preferences.’
Rabin (1996)

Principles of Finance/Section 1/Chapter 7/Efficient …

“most of these students protesting are there because affirmative action programs allowed them in” how do you know that? are you an admissions officer? are you a test writer/scorer for the SAT? Have you seen the academic profiles of these students? Have you tracked their performance in college? Do you know their GPAs? Do you know their resumes? Do you know any type of statistical fact regarding their test scores and how/why they got accepted to Dartmouth College. If not, please do not address or try to assign your weak claim to the above comment. Facts only, Numbers, not skepticism and theories should be provided for the above response. (I’ll be waiting for that spreadsheet with the data btw)

These bubbles are typically followed by an overreaction of …

According to Lo, the Adaptive Markets Hypothesis can be viewedas a new version of the , derived from evolutionary principles."Prices reflect as much information as dictated by the combinationof environmental conditions and the number and nature of "species"in the economy." By species, he means distinct groups of marketparticipants, each behaving in a common manner (i.e. pension funds,retail investors, , and hedge-fund managers,etc.). If multiple members of a single group are competing forrather scarce resources within a single market, that market islikely to be highly efficient, e.g., the market for 10-Year USTreasury Notes, which reflects most relevant information veryquickly indeed. If, on the other hand, a small number of speciesare competing for rather abundant resources in a given market, thatmarket will be less efficient, e.g., the market for oil paintingsfrom the Italian Renaissance. Market efficiency cannot be evaluatedin a vacuum, but is highly context-dependent and dynamic. Shortlystated, the degree of market efficiency is related to environmentalfactors characterizing market ecology such as the number ofcompetitors in the market, the magnitude of profit opportunitiesavailable, and the adaptability of the market participants(Lo,2005).

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