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Pashaura Singh the president has been Gurcharan Singh Tobra.

Pashaura Singh." The S.G.P.C.

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Pashaura Singh an admirer of the ..

Firstly, Pashaura Singh had made use of the recently discovered MS 1245 in the library of Guru Nanak Dev University, judging it to be earlier than Guru Arjan's Kartarpur text of 1603-4 C.E.

[9] In drawing attention to them (so said his critics) Pashaura Singh was committing blasphemy.
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In November 1992 it was indicated that Pashaura Singh should withdraw from a conference which had been arranged by the University of California, Berkeley.

It may be recalled that Pashaura Singh's thesis …

[14]Pashaura Singh was not the only Sikh scholar to undertake penance at the behest of Akal Takhat.
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The intention was that in undertaking it Pashaura Singh would be acknowledging that he had in fact committed blasphemy and that he would excise all obnoxious features from anything he published in future.

Pashaura Singh might well be rendered uncomfortable by this procedure, but any scruples he might have had were doubtless outweighed by the assurance of finding a position in a prestigious American university.

With the changes expected in Pashaura Singh‟s thesis

[7]There were two major objections lodged against Pashaura Singh's dissertation, together with one other complaint.
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Several reasons were advanced for the slightly earlier date which Pashaura Singh thought should be attached to MS 1245, including the Gurmukhi style in which it was written.

The Mul Mantra is believed to be by Guru Nanak and Pashaura Singh was able to show that older versions of the text differed marginally from the version which was recorded under the supervision of Guru Arjan in the Kartarpur manuscript.

This was the belief that Pashaura Singh was not the real culprit but was instead the creature of his Ph.D.
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  • Pashaura’s Prejudicial Sikh Studies Thesis

    Pashaura Singh's thesis is based on the notion that Guru Granth Sahib is the final version of the draft MS1245

  • Pashaura Singh at Sikh and Punjabi Studies Chair at UCR ..

    In 1991 while writing his thesis, Pashaura Singh presented MS 1245 as an early draft of the Adi Granth.

  • Cephalosporins Thesis - Indian Role Model Essay

    Pashaura Singh's thesis is …

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Controversial Pashaura and the UC Chair (Editorial)

It should be remembered that the campaign against Pashaura Singh reached its highest pitch of intensity late in 1992 and during the early months of 1993.

he then promised to revise his thesis ..

An emergency meeting was immediately called by the Chair of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan and a decision was taken to provide Pashaura Singh with protection.

Global Sikh Studies Quarterly Journal - Forth Coming

In the meantime, however, it was to be the Granth that was in danger and the S.G.P.C., under the leadership of its president, Gurcharan Singh Tohra, mounted its highly publicized and widely supported campaign against Pashaura Singh and Piar Singh.

Other Eastern Religions & Sacred Texts

The University of California was collaborating with the Sikh Foundation in organizing the conference and it was from the University that Pashaura Singh had received an invitation to read a paper.

The Guru Granth Sahib: Canon, Meaning and Authority ..

An obvious result has been the personal distress endured by three of the individuals targeted by the campaign, Pashaura Singh, Piar Singh, and Harjot Oberoi.

The Guru Granth Sahib: Canon, Meaning and Authority and over one ..

Pashaura Singh's critics upheld the inerrant and totally unchangeable words of sacred scripture, and consequently they were fundamentalists of the strict variety.

Adi Granth Our Living Guru is not for Research - …

Numerous articles and letters followed during the latter months of 1992 and early in 1993, many of them roundly accusing Pashaura Singh of the most monstrous blasphemy.

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