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Propagation of ornamental plants - Journal Homepage

Photosynthesis Research is an international journal open to papers of merit dealing with both basic ..

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Program - Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Plant Physiol 96:116-120

Santakumari M, Berkowitz GA 1991 Chloroplast volume:water potential relationships and acclimation of photosynthesis to cellular water deficits. Photosyn Res 28:9-20

Wu W, Peters JS, Berkowitz GA 1991 Surface charge mediated effects of Mg2+ on K+ flux across the chloroplast envelope are associated with regulation of stromal pH and photosynthesis. Plant Physiol 97:580-587

Wu W, Berkowitz GA 1991 Lidocaine and ATPase inhibitor interaction with the chloroplast envelope. Plant Physiol 97:1551-1557

Santakumari M, Berkowitz GA 1990 Correlation between the maintenance of photosynthesis and in situ protoplast volume at low water potentials in droughted wheat.

Keynote speakers | IWA YWP Conference 2017

Plant Physiol 86S:104

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz 1988 Chlortetracycline fluorescence measure­ment of MG (and CA) bound to the external surface of the chloro­plast en­velope. Plant Physiol 86S:7

Sen Gupta A, GA Berkowitz, PA Pier 1988 Enhancement of photosynthesis in water stressed wheat by increased cellular potassium. Plant Physiol 86S:74

Nitzsche PJ, GA Berkowitz, J Rabin 1988 Effects of a wax emulsion antitranspirant, soil wetting agent, and water absorbing root dip on the water relations, growth, and yield of transplanted Capsicum annum seedlings.

VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud

Accommodations ROOM REGISTRATION (Send directly to Turkey Run Inn before Oct. 13th) 35th Annual Midwest/Southeast Photosynthesis Conference November 13-November 15, 2009

Reviewer for manuscripts from various journals. 2013

"BioEnergy I - Energy Through Photosynthesis" and "BioEnergy II - Algae to Fuels" guest lectures for the course Capturing the Sun. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston, August. 2010

Ad hoc reviewer for grants from the USDA and the U.S. Department of Energy. 2010

Sabbatical with the algae biofuels company 'Sapphire Energy'. 2009

"Biofuels From Algae." Brooklyn College Sustainability Round Table. 2008

Invited participant, U.S. Department of Energy roadmap workshop, Maryland, December. 2008

We strongly encourage participation by young researchers and graduate students from all over the world. The ICMSB'09 will be hosted by the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB).

Midwest/Southeastern Photosynthesis Meeting

Agenda setting thought leadership from the prominent figures within the water sector and beyond

Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.
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  • At the 11th International Conference on Molecular ..

    European Journal of Chemistry

  • plant biology(photosynthesis), molecular evolution ..

    Information Systems Security: 8th International Conference, ICISS 2012, Guwahati, India, December 15-19, 2012

  • We look forward to welcoming you to Shanghai in 2009!


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