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Three factors can limit the speed of photosynthesis - light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.

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Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

When the Elodea was 20cm away from the lamp the rate
of photosynthesis decreases by more half as much with the average
number of bubbles produced being only 24.

 In this experiment we were told that we would be measuring the rate of photosynthesis.

My experiment was nreliable because for each reading
the temperature of the water was not exactly the same so this would
have affected the rate of photosynthesis and affected my results.

As a result the rate of photosynthesis is calculated.

My experiment because I
experimented the variable I chose to investigate thoroughly, I used 10
different distaces and tested each one three times to gain an accurate
set of results.

My graph has no anomalies, and it closely followed to what I had
predicted that the closer the distance of the light the higher the
rate of photosynthesis would be and thus produce more bubbles in the
time recorded.

The more carbon dioxide, the faster the rate of photosynthesis.

Our experiment was designed to determine whether boiling and decrease in light will have negative effects on the rate of photosynthesis in chloroplasts.

This can be seen on the graph
as the highest point this is where the Elodea is photosynthesizing at
a high rate and it starts to slowly drop as the distance is

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  • The aim was to show that light is necessary for photosynthesis.

    An example of photosynthesis is how plants convert sugar and energy from water, air and sunlight into energy to grow.

  • Free rate of photosynthesis Essays and Papers - 123HelpMe

    An example of photosynthesis is how plants convert sugar and energy from water, air and sunlight into energy to grow.

  • Free rate of photosynthesis papers, essays, and research papers.

    If it gets too cold, the rate of photosynthesis will decrease. Plants cannot photosynthesise if it gets too hot.

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Lab: Exploring the Rate of Photosynthesis - The Biology C…


Distance (cm)

Number of bubbles counted (every two minutes)























My graph shows that the closer the distances of the light source the
higher the rate of photosynthesis.

Physiological factors that affect photosynthetic rates

My graph shows that when the Elodea was 10cm away from the lamp
the rate of photosynthesis was high with there being around one bubble
produced per second The average amount of bubbles produced in 30
seconds was 58.


Our hypothesis that an increase in carbon dioxide concentrations leads to an increase in the rate of photosynthesis is supported by our experiments’ results.

on the rate of apparent photosynthesis

Variables: Independent variable: bicarbonate concentration

Dependent variable: number of disks floating after a minute

Control: amount of solution, size of leaf disks, amount of time cup is under light bulb, number of drops of liquid soap/ type of liquid soap The results suggest carbon dioxide concentration effects the rate of photosynthesis.

to estimate the rate of photosynthesis

If you add 10 uniform sized spinach leaf disks into different bicarbonate concentrations, then the disks in the highest concentration will float faster because they'll have a higher rate of photosynthesis.

The Rate of Photosynthesis in Chloroplasts :: Papers

Overall I think my experiment was successful because I found
out what it was that I wanted to find out, how does light intensity
affect the rate of photosynthesis.

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