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BK Prosthesis— Below Knee Prosthesis

Below the knee prosthesis

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Simplified, low cost below-knee prosthesis.

As with each and every other person who has left a message, I too am very glad I found this blog. I am 9 weeks TRK. I was a stubborn individual and did not utilize all of the pin medications that the doctors had available to me, and if you are contemplating knee surgery, go ahead and utilize what they offer. In my case it was Tylenol 500 mgs, 2 tablets, every 4 hours as needed for pain. Like most of you in the 3rd week after surgery, I was at a total ROM of 132, but even the PT said that I was being too aggressive, and that I needed to slow down. I have the same “Lead” knee syndrome as others ahve described, and the area directly above the knee and below the knee are swollen 60% of the time. Sleep last for about 5 hours at a time, and I still feel somewhat brain drained by around 2:00 PM in the afternoon at work. I “believe” it will get better, but there are times around 2:00 AM, that the brain just is not buying my belief. I am told by a number of people that it will get better consistantly, but it will do so in a time of it’s choosing.

Simplified, low cost below-knee prosthesis

Despite losing his left leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident four years ago (Feb 2001), Co was back on his bike within a year of the accident.

The experience of 56 below-knee ..

I live in the South Island of New Zealand and I’ve been a below knee amp for 20 years now and have been riding and racing bike for most of that time.

Among other injuries I suffered a below knee amputation of my left leg.
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An excellent choice for active individuals with below or above knee amputations.

The VASS self-contained suction pump is linked to the interior of the prosthetic socket and it maintains a low pressure environment therein, while a flexible sealing sleeve prevents air entry at the socket brim.

the action of a natural foot after an amputation below the knee

can provide very realistic looking cosmetic covers over below knee and above knee prostheses using custom colored latex and silicone skins.

The next step in making a below knee prosthesis is modification to the mold. We modify the mold to create a total contact total surface weight bearing socket. Once modified the socket is smoothed up in the sink.

We encourage our clients to become familiar with the different types of prosthetic feet available, to assist in the selection of the most appropriate type for them.

Prosthetic feet, like knees, hips, and other components incorporated into a prosthesis, can be grouped according to a recognized functional level classification system:


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  • Prosthetic fitting immediately after below-knee amputation.

    Leg Pain Below The Knee Hip Pain Sitting with Arm Flexors and Muscle Healing Time Treatment For Hip ..

  • Prosthetic fitting immediately after below-knee amputation

    Step by step process of how we hand make a below the knee prosthesis from start to finish.

  • interim prosthesis for below knee amputees.

    Above the knee (AK, transfemoral): A prosthetic lower and upper leg, including a prosthetic knee

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Below Knee Amputation | Prosthesis | Amputation

to inquire about various prosthetic knee options.

Single Axis Constant Friction Knees (Impact Level Low)

This is a basic knee where the friction is set for each patient’s walking speed.

Prosthetic legs below the knee | scholarly search

This lock is released when the toe of the prosthetic foot is in contact with the ground and weight is transferred off of the prosthesis.

Manual Locking Knees (Impact Level Low)

A Manual Lock feature can be added to many knee designs and would usually be used by very low impact level individuals, who need to ambulate with no possibility of the knee bending, unless the lock is manually released.

4 Bar Knees (Impact Level Low to Moderate unless it is combined with pneumatic or hydraulic control for High)

This type of knee is designed to have more than one center of rotation throughout the bending cycle and in this way mimics the human anatomical knee joint.

Prosthetic legs below the knee ..

This allows the individual to walk at different cadences and have the prosthetic knee keep pace to ensure the prosthesis is always in the correct position for safety when placing weight onto the prosthesis at heel contact.

Customized Below Knee Prosthesis

Jay is a 4 limb amp who Stephen has been coaching for 4 years now...he should be on the national team in 1-2 more years, in time for London in 2012...he has 2 Below Knee, 1 Below Elbow and his only hand has 2 fingers and no thumb.

Hip Joint - Anatomy Pictures and Information

My daughter stopped by today and found me crying. This is my 7th week after having TKR on my left Knee. Im just so tired of all of this. Its like one step forward and two steps back. I thought I was doing OK but cant get my leg to bend past 90 without force. I went to therapy yesterday. Spent one hour in the pool. Afterwards tried to use one of the machines and when I would draw back my knee a real sharp burning pain shot directly below my knee. Today its sore all down my leg and I can barely walk. My therapist told me if it keeps hurting I will have to call my doctor. He wasnt to happy with my progress and told me if there was no change. I might have to have manipulation. I know everyone heals differently. Im trying to keep a positive outlook. But sometimes its hard. My husband told me to stop reading stuff on the internet. But only people that has had this surgery , understands. I just keep praying for a miracle and I am going to wake up one morning and this will all be in the past.

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