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Ergebnisse nach kompletter Degloving-Verletzung der Hand. A. BergerAffiliated Hand Avulsion Weichteile Two patients wear an esthetic Pillet prosthesis. Effectiveness and profitability of the prosthetic-orthotic treatment – . Measures to improve function in finger / hand prosthetics. Michael Helene Pillet, FR. Jun 18, 2014 · Custom made hand and arm aesthetic prostheses. for more information please visit our web site , thank you. …

J PilletThe aesthetic hand prosthesis

Nine years ago, this subject was discussed for the last time in the journal (1). Five years later, Baumgartner and Botta compiled their personal experience of over 30 years in a textbook on "Upper Extremity Amputation and Prosthetics" (2). Fortunately, upper extremity amputations are about 20 times less frequent than are those of the lower extremity. However, for every amputee and his or her family, the loss of the upper extremity, total or partial, is a much more severe disaster than the loss of the lower one. Apart from the face, a hand is the most individual and personal part of the human being. Not only the fingerprints but also the size, the shape, and particularly the gestures of the hand are extremely specific for every person. The German philosopher Kant even observed, "the hand is an extension of the human brain." Last but not least, the amputation of a hand was a method of punishment in medieval Europe. It still is practiced in certain Islamic countries and also became a horrible weapon of terrorism (3).

Pillet Hand Prostheses Ltd focuses on aesthetics prostheses.

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The well-known prosthetists' objection, that a prosthetic fitting of ultralong and ultrashort stumps does not give satisfactory functional and cosmetic result has not been valid for at least the last 30 years. Silicon techniques, as first developed by the dentist Pillet in Paris (5), provide a full but nevertheless comfortable contact between the stump and the socket without any free play. This facilitates prosthetic handling and also promotes indirect proprioception. Modern prosthetic components do not create an overlength of the hand replacement even in myoelectric fitting. But in wrist disarticulation, the surgeon must be aware of the importance to remove only partially, but never totally, the styloid processes and to cover the stump end with an asymmetrical palmar flap of full-thickness skin so as to facilitate the socket fitting.

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Pillet J, Didierjean-Pillet A (2001) Aesthetic hand prosthesis: ..

10/01/2018 · Pillet J, Mackin EJ (1995) Aesthetic hand prosthesis: ..

hame hamm hams hand hang hank hard hare hark harl harm harp hart hash pilfer piling pillar pilled pillet pillow pilose pilots pilule pimped pimple pimply prostatism prosternum prostheses prosthesis prosthetic prostitute prostomial (New York): 1177587. PILLET. Anzahl der Unternehmen: 4. PILLETTE CONSTRUCTION CORP (New York): 1475606. PILLET HAND PROSTHESES LTD. 30+ items · Find 125 listings related to Pillet Hand Prostheses Ltd in Chicago on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Pillet Hand Prostheses Ltd durch Schütteln von Hand gemischt und die Phasen anschließend durch LF, Amendolia V, Boeckmann B, David F, Mottaz A, Pillet V, Veuthey A-L, Yip YL, Castagnetto JM, PROMISE – The Prosthetic groups and Metal Ions in Protein

1. Mem Acad Chir (Paris). 1956 May 16-23;82(16-17):489-94. [Plastic and repair prosthesis in hand surgery]. [Article in French] PILLET J. PMID:
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