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Political Science Northwestern Thesis - Elona woods

Northwestern students major in Political Science for many reasons, including:

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Masters Thesis In Political Science

This course is the required second-semester sequence of the introduction to medical anthropology and cultural anthropology for students enrolled in the Medicine and Society Program. The course builds upon material introduced in Anthro 141 and provides greater ethnographic context for the cross-cultural study of health and illness. Topical areas include analyses of disease, illness and sickness at micro and macro levels; impact of personal and interpersonal factors on health; health effects of social, political and economic factors; relationship of anthropology to biological and social sciences approaches; ecology of health and development; and cross-cultural health studies of language, gender and race/ethnicity. course.

SETTLED SCIENCE: Betrayal of the scientific method for politics or money or both.

I chose to major in Political Science because it incorporated all of my interests in one - elements of history, writing, and social science. In terms of classes, the selection and ability to formulate your own concentration is unparalleled. Most importantly, I found that a degree in Poli Sci can lead to so many different career possibilities, anything from law to foreign service to nonprofit work. Since I know what I'm interested in but not necessarily the exact career to which I want to apply my interests, Political Science offers the maximum number of open doors in the future. If you have any questions or are seeking advice about the major or the department, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Overview of the Major and Minor in Political Science

Planning to pursue honors in Political Science next year? Attend an Info session!Two Info sessions are available:Friday, February 9th...

This course examines how national narratives shape the ideas of nation-states about themselves and others. It considers cultural, psychological and political aspects of narratives used to interpret the past and understand the present. In addition to reviewing conceptual foundations from the humanities and social sciences, particular national narratives are considered as case studies.
Same as L97 IAS 474

This seminar explores questions of theory, method and ethics in the anthropology of science and technology. How is biomedicine changing what it is to be human? How can technologies and scientific practices be studied ethnographically? How are the politics of difference linked to the production of scientific knowledge? Through close reading of ethnographic texts and fieldwork experience both on- and offline, we investigate how scientific practice and technological innovation reorganize various aspects of human life on both global and local scales. Topics include the social construction of knowledge, the reproduction of racial categories in genomics, the cultures of cyberspace, the commodification of bodies in medical science, and the ways in which various technoscientific projects reshape natural and political orders in diverse locales.

How Long Is A Political Science Masters Thesis

This seminar explores a wide range of readings on "the body" as a site of theoretical analysis in social scientific and humanistic inquiry. Issues include: How do we think about the body as simultaneously material (flesh and bone) and constructed in and through social and political discourse? How do we think about the relationship between these contingent bodies and subjective experiences of "self" in various contexts? The course focuses upon the different ways in which these questions have been posed and engaged, and the implications of these formulations for the theorizing of human experience. Prerequisite: Anthro 3201 or permission of instructor.

This writing-intensive seminar explores transformations in popular culture and everyday life in Chinese society since 1949 through an analytical focus on political economy and material culture. Drawing upon ethnographic texts, films and material artifacts, we investigate how the forces of state control and global capitalism converge to shape consumer desires and everyday habits in contemporary China. Case studies include eating habits, fashion standards, housing trends, entertainment, sports and counterfeit goods. Prerequisite: previous course in China studies (anthropology, economics, history, literature, philosophy or political science) required. Enrollment by instructor approval only.

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    , The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics is currently under construction.

  • Undergraduate Thesis Political Science

    Janda Prize for Distinguished Honors Thesis in Political Science is awarded annually ..

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    D. political science northwestern thesis The emergence of development theory

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Welcome to the Political Science Department

My seven years of independent investigation have proven that there is no such empirical scientific evidence anywhere in the world. Climate alarm is unfounded and is a purely political construct pushing a political agenda. Please refer to Appendices 2, 6, 6a, 7 and 8 at .

Political Science | The University of Chicago

This course presents an overview of cultures and contemporary social/political changes in East Asia. In Western society, East Asia often has been viewed as a place of enduring cultural identities, but it also has been a region of one of the world's most dynamic and rapid transformations. In this course, we examine both the continuity and change of cultural and social patterns in this region. Students compare anthropological and ethnographic studies of the Peoples' Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, supplemented by selected research from sociology, history and political science. The course focuses on specific areas of cultural and social change in each society, including kinship and family; gender; ethnicity; economic and political development; and health and social policy.

Introduction | Department of Political Science

This course provides a survey of environmental social movements around the world and over time, in the process challenging commonly held perceptions about environmentalism and environmental movements. Specifically, it demonstrates that environmental social movements are often as much or more about people, identity and human rights than they are about protecting the environment. In addition to juxtaposing dominant traditions of American environmentalism with environmental movements in other parts of the world, the course focuses in on new and emerging social movements that are often transnational in scope but local in scale. These new movements offer holistic reinterpretations of human-environment relationships, identities and political and economic organization in their attempts to transcend socio-environmental inequalities. Throughout, the course draws on social scientists' (especially anthropologists') descriptive interpretations and critical theoretical analyses of various environmental social movements and the differences that constitute them.

English GPA: 3.70/4.0 Honors BA Thesis in Political Science: ..

Just to set the table, let me remind readers about the state of the political playing field on this issue in Germany and the rest of Europe and other major countries. A good background article is this one from Dana Nuccitelli in the Guardian from October 2015, “The Republican Party Stands Alone in Climate Denial.” The article summarizes some work from Norwegian political scientist Sondre Batstrand, analyzing the positions on this issue of all conservative political parties from countries including the USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. The conclusion:

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